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15 January 2008 @ 03:24 pm
Okay, my friends and I are trying to figure out your public transport system. It is not easy. You think it's easy, because you're used to it... but we Americans are generally driving cars. I know I hadn't been on any sort of public transport for about 15 years until John took me on the Tube in September. So, that said - help please??

- How necessary is it to book train or coach tickets ahead of time? Will there be some chance that they'll get booked up?

- We're trying to figure out transport WITHIN cities as well... like how to get from the Glasgow airport to the hostel to the venue to the coach station... Is it fairly easy within a city? It seemed like it within both London and Oxford, but what the hell do I know?

- Is no one around/near Manchester? Boo hoo.
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22 October 2007 @ 01:41 pm
I was going to write a long update about work and my family and the amazingly huge 30STM wank that's really nearly as good as some of the HP crap I've seen go down over the years, but instead I get to post and let you all know that I'm not in the path of the fires. :/

I'm north of where the fires are burning in OC - however, they're not far from where ladyguenivere lives, so that's worrisome, to say the least. Down in the San Diego area, estrella_bonita and chickadilly have already been evacuated.

Please keep everyone in your thoughts. This is some scary shite. :/
Where am I?: OC
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11 September 2007 @ 10:43 am
We're trying to organize (HAHAHAHA) some get-togethers for this weekend while I'm there. I don't think we're planning to have ONE BIG t00bage since there are many people and schedules we're working with, so if you want to meet up even for a drink or coffee, or you want to go do some touristy thing with me, or you want to come to dinner or lunch with us or SOMETHING, leave me a comment here or you can go to this post where folk is attempting to gather t00bs.

If you need my mobile number for phoning or texting and you don't have it, let me know that, too.

OMG I AM LEAVING IN TWO DAYS AND I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO AND AND AND LONDON OMG!!! Someone get me a paper bag, hyperventialitinghyperventilating is bad. And difficult to spell.

This is what happens when Morri doesn't have enough time to plan things completely. Insanity reigns. o_O
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30 August 2007 @ 02:56 pm
The following things are currently making me happy:

- ROQ of the 80s

OMG I cannot explain how happy listening to this station makes me. Duran Duran, the Fixx, Siouxsie and the Banshees, the B-52s, Oingo Bongo, Depeche Mode, the Cult... you get the picture. I know plenty of you are into 80s alt rock, so I had to share.

- The salad I'm having for lunch, which consists of crabmeat, avocado and tomato with a bit of Italian dressing and an even smaller amount of lettuce (lettuce just takes up space, yanno). It's sooo yummy.

- It's almost Friday.
Where am I?: OC
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I hear: Never Say Never - Romeo Void
13 August 2007 @ 12:54 am
Right. I haven't said it before now, but I'm not leaving LJ. Yes, some of the things they've done lately haven't been particularly well thought out or handled in a manner I'd like, but then again, I could say the same of how many members of the HP fandom are handling themselves. That said, this is still pretty cool even if you're not going anywhere, so if you'd like to give your thoughts about me: The Epilogue Meme.

I'm all packed and I leave for Chicago in the morning. I wonder how long it'll take until I stop feeling like a fraud when I go on business trips??
Where am I?: OC
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I hear: Mandinka - Sinead O'Connor
04 August 2007 @ 10:32 am
The geniuses are back with a new installment of The Adventures of Timmy Tac, and it's all about Book 7! It's hilarious, but don't click if you haven't finished DH yet (is there anyone reading who hasn't??).

All you really need to know for background is that Jaredtac is EVIL - and yes, SPOILERS FOR DH. :D

And now I must finish getting ready, stop and get gas and then stop and get a Jen so we can go to LA. Here's hoping for a good day... *crosses appendages*
Where am I?: OC but not for long
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So have a list:

- Work has gone OMGCRAZYBUSY!
- All the people who were visiting from out of town have gone home, so no more social life for me
- But I went on roller coasters on Monday, something I haven't done for nearly 20 years! And banged my ear so badly on one that it still hurts, YAYS!
- I suspect that people in London are going to want to kill me shortly. That or people in Portugal. Maybe both. Hurrah!
- Stuff needs to happen in the next week... or rocks fall and everything dies.
- Fandoms are teh suck. People who make assumptions about me are even more of teh suck. People who then don't bother to ask me about the things they're assuming... they can go fuck themselves.
- Meetings at 5:30 am or 6:30 am are VERY, VERY WRONG.
- I have writer's block.
- I am seriously sick of hearing about Lindsey Lohan.
- I need more sleep.
Where am I?: OC
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22 July 2007 @ 05:27 pm
As with the group for HBP, I ended up being the last to finish the book again, due mostly to circumstances (I ended up taking a bit more than 8 hours all total, roughly - finished last night but couldn't be arsed to post til now). I thought it was brilliant. I'm not at all disappointed with DH. I do think that I'll need to re-read it before I can say anything that might be considered interesting or profound, though.

Mostly, I'm just satisfied. Is that strange? Oh well. That's just how I roll.
Where am I?: OC
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Oh, so very busy. I hope nothing too exciting has happened to you all in the past 3 days, because if it did, I haven't seen it. I skipped back a bit, but I couldn't go all the way. :/

So... saw OotP. Non-spoilery review: Good overall, but as it's my least-fave book, it's no surprise that it's not my fave movie. Overall, I like what they did with it, and in some respects the movie version is more palatable. I feel like a bad bad person saying that, but I've always felt that OotP was the weakest book. *shrugs* You don't need to agree.

Had a blast at Disneyland and down in San Diego with all the t00bs, but my plantar fascitis was totally acting up with all the walking and I am sooo tired. Must go to bed early tonight. Also, every time I'm in San Diego, there's a part of me that longs to stay there. :( Waaaah.

radinden has asked me some rather interesting questions, so I will answer them below. I'm supposed to ask other people questions, so if you want me to ask you some, leave a comment and I'll at least make the attempt.
Question and answer timeCollapse )
Where am I?: OC
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06 July 2007 @ 09:42 am
I want to go to London in September. It's for a stupid reason, but I WANNA. I can't afford it, but I WANNA. I shouldn't be using a free plane ticket for something like this, but I WANNA.


But I won't.

/tantrum post
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I think more people should see it.

I realize that this is goofy, but it's in a similar vein to our former friend "I Harth Darth," except it's based on 30 Seconds to Mars... as tic tacs. Yes, the little mints. If you read the entire comic, it's all explained, but to enjoy this one panel, you really don't need to know anything at all.

Find Pottertacs! Find Whotacs! Find Piratetacs! Find Star Warstacs!

It's genius, I'm telling you. Go forth and laugh.
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15 June 2007 @ 02:03 pm
I know I said over here that Big Things were happening tonight, but that's been changed to tomorrow afternoon. *breathes* So... please send any and all good thoughts you can spare.

Cheers. ♥
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08 June 2007 @ 10:42 pm
Sabrina Diane was born at 11:54 pm CST this evening (June 8th). She was 7 lbs, 8 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. From the brief time I spent on the phone with my sister, I can tell you she also has very healthy lungs. LOL My sister says they're both doing fine, and they'll be going home on Sunday. :D :D :D
Where am I?: OC
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06 June 2007 @ 05:02 pm
If you like taking surveys and getting free stuff, please join this site! I actually won a free calling card from them, but I have no use for it - do any of you need a calling card? First person to ask for it gets it! They'll send you emails when they have surveys for you to do, but there's nothing to say you have to do all of them - and sometimes they're fun or you get to find out about new stuff before anyone else. So click and sign up!

I worked my arse off today (one client was seriously lacking in math skills, OMG *pounds head into desk*), and on my lunch I took boxes to the dumpster and also put away more boxes. I'm nearly done, I think - I've got three more boxes that I need to sort a bit, and then it'll be empty in here. I think maybe I'll build the bookshelf tonight and keep some of my fave books out (HP, Jennifer Roberson, David and Leigh Eddings), before putting the rest away.

In one of the boxes I found a set of magnets, the kind with words on them that you can use to create poetry or sentences or whatever - someone had made it for me years ago, but I'd never used them (not the least of which is because some of the words are a bit naughty). I've been amusing myself by putting up song lyrics on my fridge when I go into the kitchen.

Speaking of which, I'm going to cook something tonight. o_O Frightening, I know. Even stuff from mixes is generally unheard of for me. Still, I'm considering making my fave chicken recipe this weekend after I get paid... there's something kinda fun about having a kitchen of my own, with my own stuff, again.

I want a TV. Dammit. And I've never actually BOUGHT one, so I don't know what a good price is or anything. Cheap is good, because I really haven't got a lot to spare (and probably can't afford it at all, but... maybe I'll start looking).

I'm feeling... out of sorts, overall. Like there's something I need, but I have no idea what it is. It's this weird not-quite-depressed, not-really-anxious, but just not-right feeling.
Meh. Stupid feelings.
Where am I?: OC
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I hear: Last Resort - Papa Roach
05 June 2007 @ 01:09 pm
I was tagged by utrose_graphics and as she currently ownz me, I must do as she says. ;)

List seven songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your livejournal along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

Tagging: allysonsedai, burnlikestars, ladyguenivere, lauriegilbert, prettyveela, slytherincesss, sweet_erised

1. "The Kill" - 30 Seconds to Mars
2. "Dig" - Incubus
3. "Sick Sick Sick" - Queens of the Stone Age
4. "Bleed It Out" - Linkin Park
5. "Capricorn (A Brand New Name)" - 30 Seconds to Mars (shut it - if I was being completely honest, they'd ALL be 30STM songs. Did you miss the obsession memo? :P)
6. "An Honest Goodbye" - Bad Religion
7. "Knights of Cydonia" - Muse

In other news, I am in a seriously bad mood. I can't talk about that without flocking, though, so just know that I am most displeased today. Perhaps I should get a manicure tonight - that might make me feel better.
Where am I?: OC
I feel: annoyedpissy
I hear: "Young Folks" - Peter Bjorn and John
03 June 2007 @ 09:43 pm
I've friended a bunch of new people via two different friending-spree posts, so if you're wondering why I've friended you - I probably saw you there and thought you sounded interesting. You got bonus points if you're into 30STM, live in California, or are just generally cool. So yes, hi. :)

In other news, lookit my new pretty!! Many, many thanks to Beth for making it more me. *beams* I think I may have to play with the colors yet, but not tonight, no.

I've been remarkably productive the last few days. I ran errands yesterday - which included using a free gift card to buy a new showerhead, so that hopefully I won't have to keep turning myself into a pretzel just to wash my hair - and then today I built things. I built the bedframe - now the bed is actually high enough! I installed the showerhead - and it doesn't leak! I've finished going through the boxes and I put a bunch away in the storage closet off the patio and moved other boxes into the walk-in closet. I moved the dresser to another spot in the bedroom (now THAT was a bitch). I put the feet back on the ottoman (took them off for safe-keeping during shipping). I made a batch of chocolate chip/peanut butter chip cookies, and I also baked an omelette. I did two RPs.

Fuck, I'm tired now. LOL But I promised myself that I could watch Dr Who if I was a good little Morri, so I'm watching last week's ep tonight, and I'll watch this week's tomorrow. So now I'm off to do that, and then there will be collapsing, for work this week is likely to be INSANE.
Where am I?: OC
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01 June 2007 @ 01:57 pm

Since I moved in here, I've had a shite-tastic parking spot in the garage. Jen has seen it - it's next to a wall on one side with a fucking support poll a few feet behind it. Getting in and out, even with my teeny little compact car, is a royal pain in the arse. So since day one, I've been asking to switch to another spot. I've spoken to at least 4 people about 7 times and they kept telling me they had to speak to the manager. So I just went in to drop off my rent and I asked again - and this time spoke to the manager.

She explained that the spot is assigned to the apartment and she wouldn't change it. I asked if all the apartments in the building were rented, and she said no, but she wasn't willing to switch it because then someone who moves in would have the same issue.

My response: So it's acceptable for ME to have this problem, but not some mythical future tenant?

Her response to that was to say that she was sorry it bothered me but she couldn't do anything at this time.

I thanked her for showing me just how valued I was as a tenant and I left.

That plus the leaking fridge, leaking dishwasher, and living next to the world's loudest metal gate that people like to use at 3 am have made me so fucking UNTHRILLED with this place that I just want to scream. I normally don't like making a scene in public, but I seriously hope that some of the people that were in the office when I was talking to her started to reconsider living here.

I'm now considering writing a letter to the corporate headquarters about this, but it'd probably be a waste of time and a fucking stamp. MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!
I feel: angryLIVID
31 May 2007 @ 10:22 am
Sigh. I hate to do this, but I'm stuck between the rock and the hard place.

I need to be able to do a poll via the web that will have choices and also fill-in-the-blank options. Preferably it should have some sort of basic analysis or data dump sort of option after collection of results. I've done some research, but all of the 'free' web-based options stop at 100 responses, and chances are we'd be looking at well over a thousand somewhere, so that does us no good. I'm broke, so I can't afford to pay for this. I have access to Advanced Poll via our web host, but I can't make heads or tails out of it - it's all PHP and hello, I am NOT a programmer. I considered using LJ briefly, but we'd have to use my personal account and I'd really rather not. I'm about ready to tear my hair out here.

Can anyone help??? I have nothing to offer except good karma and lots of thanks. *begs*
Where am I?: OC
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I hear: Bad Religion - An Honest Goodbye
Okay, I know it's likely odd to some of you that I'm attempting to be the voice of positivity here, but deal with it.

I'm not saying I don't find this appalling; I do. However, I think that the continued bitching about it isn't going to accomplish anything, and as I said in the subject line, I'm not leaving. Boycott as you like; don't give them any more money and see what happens. Maybe something will - I haven't got a clue. I'm not a lawyer and I'll leave it to those who are to weigh in on all of that. I have a perm account, and even if I didn't, I still wouldn't leave because of the things I LIKE here. Things like:

- Communities for fandoms of ALL kinds (they're not all gone, and yes, I don't agree with some of the deletions, but again... we've been over this)
- Communities so I can get the quickest news about HP, 30STM, icons, or whatever the hell else might catch my fancy
- Communities for my new area so I can ask about the best sushi restaurants
- Being able to easily keep in touch with friends all over the world
- Playing in my RPG, which is entirely on LJ

Now, I'm sure that others can come up with other things that they enjoy about LJ, and the reasons they'd stay. What are your reasons?

Feel free to pimp this post out if you'd like, but if you want to be negative or tell me that I'm sticking my head in the sand, you'll be shown the proverbial door. You can call me Pollyanna, but you can't call me stupid. I think that we need to focus on the positive, people. You probably won't hear me this positive again in, oh, a zillion years, so I suggest running with it while you can. :P
Where am I?: OC
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28 May 2007 @ 05:22 pm
I've managed to empty a number of boxes, and my kitchen is beginning to have some semblance of order. A number of mugs were moving casualties, unfortunately, and even more unfortunately, I did a crap job of getting them into the garbage can and then ended up stepping on a piece of a handle with my bare feet. It hurt, but it wasn't until the kitchen began to look like a crime scene that I realized I was actually bleeding - ah yes, such genius. It's a tiny cut, but it bled well.

On Saturday, Jen, her friend Valarie and I went to the Scottish festival, but it wasn't as exciting as we'd hoped. There weren't any good games like caber tossing happening, and there weren't nearly enough Scottish men in kilts. We did manage to come away with a ton of imported British food from one of the vendors (Cadbury Roses! Walkers crisps!) and shortbread that was homemade by actual little old Scottish ladies, so it wasn't a complete waste. Then we went to the British pub that Jen has told me a lot about called the Olde Ship. We were nearly run over by a herd of Vespas, but we made it in after all. Who knew Vespa riders had gangs? I had a Newcastle (beer is bad for me, but how could I not try? Okay, yeah - not trying again) and a Yorkshire pudding, which was very nice. There was baseball rather than footie on the TVs, which disappointed the Ranger fans I was with, but I don't like either of those sports so it really mattered not at all to me.

Yesterday we had the hp_orangecounty meetup which was fun, although I learned not to order the French onion soup at Red Robin ever again. At Jen's we ran into technology issues and had cake, and then I introduced her to the insanity that are 30STM videos.

I want to go to Leicestershire - specifically, I want to go on 9 June. Unfort, I've got no way to make that happen. SIGH. LIFE SO HARD. *pouts at life*

Okay, back to trying to find things in boxes. Wooo, exciting...
I feel: busybusy
25 May 2007 @ 01:37 pm
Stuff! I gots stuff! I gots an apartment full of stuff!

I'm very glad it came today, before the long weekend - I'll probably be working some of the time, and there's lunch with hp_orangecounty on Sunday, but I'll still have plenty of time for unpacking. Yay furniture! Yay bed (even though the frame I ordered won't be in until Tuesday)! Yay yay YAY!!!!
I feel: pleasedpleased
10 May 2007 @ 11:04 am
So I'm here. I'm specifically at ladyguenivere's until tomorrow when I sign my lease. I got here about an hour ago after driving all the way from El Paso this morning. So I've been through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona (THANKS FOR THE RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC, PHOENIX) and finally California just today. I started in Illinois on Monday and stopped in Missouri, then Tuesday was Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Yesterday was ALL Texas, because Texas is HUGE. So umm, 2500 miles in 4 days. Approximately. Yep. *collapses*

Thanks to everyone who emailed or commented about my last post. I'm feeling much more positive overall at the moment, and you are a good portion of the reason why.

That's really all the coherence I can manage at the moment, I'm afraid. I don't even know what time zone I'm on at the moment. :)) I mean, it's Pacific time here, but I don't know what my body's on anymore. I think all the caffeine and energy drinks have worn off, though... but that's a different thing.

I need bed, don't I? Yep...
Where am I?: Orange County, CA
I feel: exhaustedOMGSOTIRED
07 May 2007 @ 01:41 pm
Movers have come and gone - they did an awesome job, I am hopeful that everything will arrive safely!

My car is SO FULL. I'm having to leave a couple of pillows behind, but otherwise, I got it all in.

So here I go!
Where am I?: Chicago
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26 April 2007 @ 09:04 pm
I had Chick-Fil-A today and I thought of you. Hee.

Home tomorrow. I am so tired.
Where am I?: Mississippi
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I hear: Ace of Cakes on TV
23 April 2007 @ 01:10 am
Seeing as I had no Dr Who, I instead searched for Jared Leto pics and took this quiz. Oh, and there was packing in there as well.

Mingle2.com - Free Online Dating69% GeekMingle2.com - Free Online Dating

And now it is late and I'm going to bed, for tomorrow I must fly away...
I feel: geekygeeky
20 April 2007 @ 11:42 pm
Gacked from likebunnies:

Shopping then home tomorrow. Nighty night.
I feel: sleepysleepy
19 April 2007 @ 11:43 am
I'm going to see 30 Seconds to Mars in concert after I get to So Cal next month. estrella_bonita and I have A Plan(TM). Oh yes, we do. *cackles* This hasn't completely cheered me up, but it's something. And between the angry music and the sexy Jared, I am at least a bit distracted.

I got a strawberry cheesecake cappucino this morning from the convenience store. I don't recommend it.

I've got this odd pain in my clavicle area. It's like I bumped the bones somehow... there isn't a mark or a bruise, but it hurts. Maybe one of the kids headbutted me or something. These weird pains that I never had before are disturbing in a "Why is this happening??" sort of way.

My sister just called me from the store and asked if I wanted her to get me anything. I said Cheez-its and ice cream. No, really - she is the one who's pregnant. I'm just weird. :P
I feel: angrygrrrrr
I hear: 30 Seconds to Mars - The Kill
13 April 2007 @ 05:22 pm
Me posting on a regular basis, that is. Until I have more to do, I suspect I'll be posting a lot. LOL

So I finished my development stuff - we'll see if my boss likes what I've done. I'm not too worried - the process is new to all of us since it's from Big Huge Corporation and none of us have had to do it before. The expectations, dare I say it, are low. I also ended up talking to two of my three managers on the phone today, one about the next process I'm going to learn (implementing a particular data stream that will work for multiple products), and the other about home office stuff and our on-site visit in two weeks. We also discussed wardrobe, so I finally tried on the clothes that longtimegone gave me while we were in Georgia. Everything fits! The shirts are a bit snug for the reasons we suspected they might be, but the trousers and blazer are great. Thank you so much!! Now I can just buy a few more shells to go under the jackets I have and I won't need to buy any more businessy-type clothes until go down another size or two. * ♥s longtimegone*

I'm hoping to have a place to live sometime next week. Really, really hoping. I also need to buy a set of luggage, because I don't own any of my own. I've also realized in my recent trips that EVERYONE ON THE PLANET has black luggage. Therefore, I'm buying a different color. I'd like red or purple ideally, but I'll have to see what I can find.

It's funny how if you say, "HELLO, MOVING AWAY SOON" suddenly everyone wants to hang out with you. My social schedule is suddenly really ridiculous. I'm seeing two people tomorrow, having a goodbye party in a couple of weeks, and have an invite to another party - and that's not even everyone who's requested seeing me! Plus, throw in the fact that I'll be gone on business for one week in there... time's running out quickly.

Well, the stupid snow has finally melted and it's actually gorgeous and sunny outside, so I think I'll escape the apartment for a while. I gacked a few quizzes from jlh, so have a look:

Color quizzes - I just picked my two fave colorsCollapse )
I feel: satisfiedsatisfied
12 April 2007 @ 10:48 am
I should be working on my performance development plan. But I don't wanna! 'Tis boring - not to mention that in a new job, it's rather difficult to fill this stuff out, because hello, don't I need to develop, um, EVERYTHING? Eh. For another section, I had to put some 'hits and misses' of my past performance (i.e. here's how I suck and here's how I rule), and then put in my leadership qualities. Sadly, I didn't think that putting 'My ability to beat an underling without leaving a mark' was prudent. ;P

But onwards, for I have a question for you all, oh flist. Today for breakfast I had something I hadn't had in many, many years - most likely not since I was a very ickle Morri (so back in the Dark Ages, yes, haha). I had peanut butter and brown sugar on toast! It was nice and reminded me of when my mother would fix it for me years ago (although I couldn't finish it because it got to be a bit much on the second piece). I suppose that's not extremely strange as food things go, but it's slightly odd. So here's my question: what food from your childhood have you not had or thought of in ages that's a bit weird? What does it remind you of (person, place, something else)? Do you want to have it now, or does it sound icky?

And finally, I leave you with this list from April's Glamour magazine:

11 Things Every Woman Deserves in Life

1. A friend who takes your side and has the guts to tell you when you're wrong.
2. One item of clothing that instantly makes you feel twice as beautiful and half as nervous.
3. The occasional good cry, for no particular reason.
4. A man or woman who just cannot get enough of your body.
5. At least as much pay as the guy at the next desk who does the same job.
6. A same-size friend with an incredible closet.
7. A really hot, really fast red car. Failing that, really hot red shoes that you can run in.
8. The expensive toliet paper.
9. To sometimes lie back and take, take, take in bed.
10. A grandparent equivalent: wise, huggable, all ears.
11. A life in which you play the starring role.
I feel: peacefulwhee?
11 April 2007 @ 10:47 am
*looks outside*
*looks at calendar*
*looks outside again*

Okay... exactly WHY is there like 2 inches of snow on the ground?!?!

It's a good thing I went out yesterday, because I am not going out there now. I seriously cannot get to California soon enough.
I feel: shockedWTF, weather??