Vicki (hermorrine) wrote,

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Gah. I have been mostly frustrated today. My dad and my brother got my bed out and set it up, so at least I have my good bed from now on. We've also set up my computer, but I am not on it. For whatever reason, my mom can't get the cable modem to work on mine. So I'm stuck on hers. This is not good. *sighs* Everyone was in a bad mood and snapping at one another at some point today, and I really began to wonder why I'd come back here. I think that when you are not around you forget the bad things and only remember the good. But I've just been wanting to scream.

Applied for more jobs. Attempted not to think about how shitty my life is currently. Failed. Am mind-numbingly bored. Will most likely do the same things tomorrow. Oh joy.

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