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Emails to and from the feeder, otherwise known as the bane of my existence -.-

--- On Sun 05/04, Robert Hanke < > wrote:
Somebody was telling me off at Yahoo. They discarded my accounts consecutively twice in one week without willingess to specify which
part of my pages were against which part of their Terms of Service. Consequently, I have moved to an own domain:

Oh - did that ANNOY you, perhaps? I'd apologize but I'm not the least bit sorry. And this will continue until you remove my name and link and anyone else's information that you have listed without permission. Or if you'd rather, you can hear from my lawyer. Your excuses are lame and without basis, and don't think that because you're in another country you're safe. You are scum. Next, I'll be contacting all your references.

You've been warned.

--- On Sun 05/04, Robert Hanke < > wrote:
> Next, I'll be contacting all your references.

They already know my homepage. You won't tell them anything new.

That's allright. Eventually you'll get it through your thick skull that this sort of thing is wrong. I still don't understand why you won't remove a link upon request - you can't possibly say you like me. So therefore I must assume you are doing it simply because you are an asshole.

--- On Sun 05/04, Robert Hanke < > wrote:
Making Web pages publicly accessible over the internet subjects them to be referenced to from anywhere without prior notice. This is
how the Internet works. Whats wrong with it? If you wanted to keep on being an anonymous person, you should not have brought up
plublicly accessible disclosures about you in the first place.

NOTE ON THIS ONE: Don't you like how it's MY fault?

You're missing the point - deliberately, I'm certain. It may be legal to link to my site, but it is NOT legal to suggest that I am a feedee or gaining weight, which you are doing. Hence, you will find that that this campaign will not end.

--- On Mon 05/05, Robert Hanke < > wrote:
The link to your site says "Vicki".
How does this suggest you being a feedee?

What alterations in the text of do you want me to make to keep up the link from there to your

Are there any other alterations I can do to keep up the link?

NOTE ON THIS ONE: My apologies to all of my friends who are German. I am in no way suggesting that any of you don't speak English well, because you know I think you do. It was not a nice thing for me to say.

Okay, let me get this straight - you are willing to CHANGE YOUR SITE to something that would please me rather than REMOVE THE LINK TO MINE? Would you please explain in what universe this makes sense? And I repeat - why do you want to link to my site?!

There is NOTHING you could do, save removing any and ALL mention and links to feederism from your site, that would possibly make it palitable to me. You have my link under a page that says "weight gaining females." I am much more than that, and you have made me sound like I'm not even human. Not to mention, AGAIN, I am losing weight, not gaining.

Do I need to have this translated into German for you to get it?!

--- On Mon 05/05, Robert Hanke < > wrote:
I cannot detect the string "weight gaining females" on the page that links to you. Confirm

*slaps forehead* Oh, silly me! It says FATTENING FEMALES! Yes, that's SO much better!

You are either stupid or being deliberately annoying.

--- On Mon 05/05, Robert Hanke < > wrote:
"Fattening Females" is not on the page were the link to your home page is, but on the entry page

In this respect there is only a remotely indirect reference between you and a feedee.

However, if you come up with a suggestion for replacing this with a more appropriate but equally descriptive phrase for all the
ladies I've listed, I am open for this suggestion.

Well, considering the fact that you've never told me why you've listed my page and information, how can I possibly make a suggestion other than that you remove my link?

I continue to find it amusing that I've asked you this and numerous other questions, and yet you ignore them. How intelligent of you.

> Well, considering the fact that you've never told me why
> you've listed my page and information, how can I possibly
> make a suggestion other than that you remove my link?

I listed you and the others as heaviest ladies having an own homepage. This as part of a Fattening Portal because each and every one
of them (including you) must have gained a considerate amount of weight somewhere in the past.

It is not my intention of hurting the dignity of any of the ladies listed there (including yours).

Can you make a suggestion on how to alter "Fattening Females" into a term or phrase that preserves the dignity of those listed there
(including yours) and and still makes a descriptive point of the facts as stated above?

Thank you.

Okay, you sound almost rational in this email, but I really don't think you're getting it, and I doubt you ever will, but here goes.

If you truly want to preserve my dignity, you will remove the link to my site. I fail to understand why you find it acceptable to link to my site when I abhor you and all feeders like you. I see feederism as abuse, and the very idea that I am in ANY way linked to a feeder makes me physically ill (you've helped me drop more weight in the past week actually - thanks for that much!). I have known women who have DIED as a result of feeding and there is nothing you or anyone else can ever say to me to convince me that it is not abuse. Have you got that?

Next, I detest that you are focusing on my weight. I HATE that I am fat. I am so fat that I am disabled. Every day I struggle to live, and here your site is, rubbing my size in my face. My site, on the other hand, talks about me as a PERSON - who happens to be fat. That is only one thing about me, and it is NOT who I am. Can you see the difference at all?

There's nothing you can put on your site about me that would make me want to have a link on it - unless of course you removed all references to feeding or gaining weight. And I don't see that happening, so why not just remove the link to my site? So much easier.


I probably shouldn't have sent that last one. Oh well. I'm so fucking sick of fighting him I can't stand it. I'm sure that's his goal - to wear me down so I'll leave him alone. Well, it might be working. I don't know how much longer I can keep this up.

And this is in no way a call out to others to help me or hurry up and do things that some of you have said you would do on my behalf - I just needed to get this out of my head.

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