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How much do I suck? Let me count the ways.

I really have nothing particularly interesting going on.

We have a new phone system in place at work which is making things a bit more challenging. I am going to make a dentist appointment tomorrow. I may also call about having my car loan refinanced. Exciting, you see.

From the "Not At All Good" file comes the fact that I made a rather nasty error in my checkbook and now have less than zero in my account. This means that not only will I have to beg my parents for gas money, I can't meet a friend tomorrow that I was hoping to meet. :(( She is having a layover in a Chicago airport and I was going to stop there after work. Now, since I cannot pay for parking, all I could do is drive up to the terminal, she could come out, we could hug and say hi, and then she could go back in. Wow, that would be... lame. *hangs LAME sign around neck*

My left foot is killing me.

When your LJ account expires, do your extra 7 icons just disappear into the ether? *weeps*

EDITED TO ADD: Paid Account, expiring 2004-01-05 *boggles* This has really made my day. :-* Tess was sweet enough to give ME a present on HER birthday and pay for 2 months, but someone anonymously paid for another 6 months. *cries* Thank you, anon person!

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