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Pubic Service Announcement *

Good Vibes rules me. If you ever need to shop for sex toys, condoms, erotica or porn, I highly recommend them. Whether you're straight, lesbian, gay or bi, they have something for you. They are women- and worker-owned - a sex positive company where all of the staff are sex educators, and they know how to treat customers - and that's not an innuendo. More companies should have customer service like theirs. And hey - where else can you find an Antique Vibrator Museum?

If you have any questions about GV, or if you have questions about sex toys, erotica or safer sex, feel free to ask me if you'd rather. I'm always up for a good discussion about sex. ;D

* It's spelled that way on purpose, so if you comment correcting my spelling, I will laugh and point at you.

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