Vicki (hermorrine) wrote,

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Apparently I'm just average...

Gacked from anatsuno:
Empathy Quotient and Systemizing Quotient Tests

My EQ is 48.
My SQ is 22.

Hrrrumph. I would've thought that I at least would've been more empathetic. -.-

We have been moved to our new cube area at work, which has all our cubes open to one another - they took down the high walls between each of the cubes. It's supposed to make it easier for us to talk to one another, which I'm sure is the case, but it also means a complete and utter lack of privacy. -.-

I have about 5 billion things to do when I get home tonight, and if a certain package I've been waiting for hasn't arrived, I am going to be royally pissed off. >:0!

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