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80's Music Woes, Query, and Rambly Stuffs

Am I the only person who remembers Curiousity Killed the Cat??? Why can't I find any of their songs on Kazaa? And why can't I find decent copies of Bros? Grrarrrr. Got Blow Monkeys though. And thanks to zorac's T00bilicious 80's Collection, I have found the elusive song I could not quite remember and gotten that - Climie Fisher. Much relief.

Does anyone know the answer to this? I bought a disposable camera for my trip to the UK but didn't use it. So it went through the airport x-ray machines twice. Will it still work or should I toss it and get a new one?

I have not seen Smallville but am downloading the episode at this moment and will watch tomorrow so that I can read everyone's posts in an almost-timely manner.

Box spring has slipped off bed frame, causing mattress to have sinkage. I cannot fix it as a king mattress is far too big and heavy for me to move by myself. Wah. Could this be why my back has been hurting? Must beg brother and father to fix - once I have removed incriminating things from room, of course.

Thanks to everyone for their comments on my last post - it's so great to share good news. :D I will be having a special celebration this weekend, that's for certain...

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