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Alcohol & calculus don't mix. Never drink & derive.

I actually watched CoS tonight, and I have the following comments:

* Why oh WHY do the boys look so good in their cloaks in the going-to-Diagon-Alley and at-Diagon-Alley scenes? I don't understand it - all I know is that it's very nice.

* Still <3 the dueling scene.

* Oh how I HATE the spiders. *hides head under pillow*

* Rupert has the most expressive face. I adore that boy.

* I didn't know you could read. Gets me every time.

* Damn, Christian Coulson is good-looking isn't he? Sheesh, my predilection for raven-haired men seems to be showing again...

Right. Bed. Going now.

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