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1) I agree wholeheartedly with what titanic_days has said in his most recent entry. But basically - if anyone spoils me on anything about OotP before June 21st, it's rather likely they will suffer the most horrendous thing I can think up - I might even go through ancient documents on torture. Yes, I would do research to make certain you suffered long and hard for spoiling me, and no, I am not joking. So please, for both of our sakes, don't do it.

2) If you are talking about NA on your LJ, you may find me defriending you. It's nothing personal - the wound is simply too fresh. You have the choice of friends-filtering and leaving me out, or something like that, but I won't ask anyone to do it. I know it's my issue, and if you think I'm being too melodramatic because it's painful - well, piss off.

EDITED TO ADD: Link to Alex's post, thanks to hautemonde. >:D

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