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Tell me - can you feel it too?

I got the most amusing voicemail from my sister yesterday. Actually, it was my sister and my niece, announcing that my niece had peed in the potty! I'm glad it was a voicemail, because I laughed really hard. I know this is important stuff, and I'm sure that whenever I finally have a baby I too will find this a momentus occasion, but right now it just makes me laugh.

So I called my sister when I got home last night to congratulate her and see how she was doing. She says that she now looks like she's about 5 months pregnant, even though she's barely into her second trimester. Gotta love twins. Most likely I'm going to go down and visit her and my niece some Saturday in the next couple of weeks, and she's going to come up while zorac is here next as she insists on meeting him. Yes, you should all comfort poor Mark, as most likely he will be stuck meeting my entire family this next visit. But luckily it will only be for lunch, and then we can escape. >:D<

My sister was horrified to learn that I'd seen nothing but the inside of Mark's flat during my visit: "You went halfway around the world and didn't do any sightseeing???" Well, yes, I did! I would've done a bit more if the stupid train strike hadn't happened, but there you go! >:0!!! Besides, I felt it was rather more important to spend time with my boyfriend. Hrrrumph. I'll see more next time with a bunch of t00bs.

I also lamented that it was more than 5 weeks 'til I could see my boyfriend again, and my sister said, "It's only two weeks."
I went, "Huh?"
She said, "It's only two weeks until you see him again."
I said, "WHAT are you talking about??"
She finally explained, "You know that Hubby and I were doing the long distance thing most of the time before we got married, although not as long distance as you are (well, DUH), so that's how I managed it. I told myself it was just two weeks, and then I did a day-by-day countdown until the actual time we saw each other."
Me: "...."
Her: "Well, it worked for me!"
My sister actually DOES have a master's degree. However, it's obviously not in either math or physics. *facepalms*

1. What does your first name mean? Victory
2. What does your middle name mean? Gracious
3. What does your last name mean? Well, that's a damned good question. I have no idea. I did research online (oh SHUT UP), and I couldn't find it listed in any sites on Polish surnames. I'd been told that it's fairly unusual - for a long time, if someone had that last name in this country, I was related to them (that's no longer the case). So I had a look at the Ellis Island Database site, which is supposed to list all of the people who came through there, and what I found was verrrry interesting. There are a number of listings for people with my last name (I don't know my great-grandfather's first name, so I'm not sure which one it is), but NONE of the people with my last name came from Poland. They're from Germany, Russia, Austria... Very very strange. I'll have to talk to my dad about this...
4. So what does your name mean when put together? Victory with grace? Haha.
5. What would you have been named if you were the opposite gender? David Alan - which is my brother's name. My dad really liked that name for a boy.
6. Any other name oddities? Well, I was named after one of the nurses who delivered me (a friend of my mom's as she worked in that hospital), on the spot, because - as the story goes - neither of my grandmothers liked the name Jessica, which is what my parents had intended to name me. My grandmothers both denied this when asked, which makes it all the more funny. Also, my initials are VD, because my parents really didn't think.
7. Do you like your name? I didn't when I was younger but I do now.
8. What do you like best about it? I think it's a fun name in terms of the nickname version, and the longer version is elegant. Not sure if either of those adjectives really apply to me, however.
9. What do you like least about it? I HATE being called Vic. OH HOW I HATE IT. Call me Vic only if you'd like to die. >:0!!! (unless of course you're a family member, in which case you've been doing it all your life and I can do nothing about it -.-)
10. If you HAD to change your name (witness protection program, whatever), what would you want it to be? I'd say Morrigan but wouldn't I be easy to find then? :)) Probably some unusual Celtic name like Siobhan or Bronwyn.

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