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Am in England! >:D

Yes, I actually made it. There were certain points - like walking a mile in the Detroit airport - when I didn't think I would, but I did.

The flight from Chicago to Detroit was nothing. Then had to wait for the flight to London - lots of cheery people in the waiting area, and the pilot came out to talk to everyone, which was quite cool. We finally get on the plane and there's a delay because they can't close one of the emergency doors - not good. They get maintenance to fix it and then we're off.

The flight attendants were all really nice and friendly - you could tell they enjoyed what they were doing, which is rare from what I've seen - or perhaps I've just been on a lot of flights with rude, surly flightstaff.

Got drab diabetic dinner - trying to be good is so hard sometimes - and ignored salad because it came with that nasty American French dressing. Apparently Northwest Airlines hasn't yet heard that they shouldn't be serving anything French. I also did not know that you get free alcohol on international flights! Bonus! I asked for bloody mary mix to drink - shut up, I like it - and she handed me the vodka too. W00t! I had 2.

I then tried to sleep. And tried. And got nowhere. They were playing the film The Tuxedo with Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt, which I did not want to see and so I refused to put on the headset. I then ended up watching the entire thing without sound and sadly I can indeed tell you almost exactly what happens in it. Movie ends. I still can't fall asleep.

I fall asleep for about half an hour and wake up because they are now serving breakfast. *sigh*

Plane lands and a new journey begins. Get off plane and then have to take a tram to the rest of the airport. First thing is the passport check-in. When it's my turn, I get the 3rd degree, and I am SO not kidding. The woman asked why I was in the UK, and I said to visit my boyfriend. I then was asked all of the following:

* His name
* His age
* Where he lives
* What he does for a living
* Where he works
* Whether or not he lives with people or alone
* How we met
* How long we've known each other
* Whether or not he's been to the US to see me
* How long he stayed
* If he was waiting for me at the airport
* What I do for a living
* Where I work
* Whether or not I live with anyone
* When I'm going back to the US
* When I'm going back to work
* Whether or not I have any siblings
* Do my siblings live with my parents and I

I think that's all. I was really quite shocked - why the hell do they need to know all of that???

Finally made it out to Mark. Snogged him in front of all the people in the airport. Didn't care.

We made the coach to Oxford that we wanted to and had a nice trip there. I was not exactly shocked to see that grass and trees remain the same around the world, pretty much. It wasn't until we got to Oxford proper that it started to look like what I would have expected England to look like - old, interesting buildings. However, not so impressed with the roundabouts and narrow streets here - I really thought the bus was not going to make it a few times. We got to where the coach stopped and then walked over - on cobblestones, no less - to take the local bus, and finally made it back to Mark's flat.

<Insert activities I am not telling you lot about, lalalala>

We had cheese and biscuits - I still take issue with this word, nyah - as a late afternoon snack, which was quite fun as Mark had bought a number of different types of cheese. We had Wensleydale, something I had only ever seen in Wallace and Gromit, and apparently it was the kind with cranberries in it which was odd but not bad. We also had roule with herbs, brie, and cheddar - Mark had Stilton too but I don't like blue cheeses. Later on Mark actually cooked dinner for me - he made pasta and homemade sauce which was very good. We had strawberries and cream for pudding, which was lovely.

We've watched a little bit of TV, and I am somewhat amused by the commericials, I have to say. Definitely different. We also watched Disney's Hercules, which was cute but I kept falling asleep and waking back up. We finally decided we should go to sleep. Sleep was good.

Today I am going to make a cheese pie for Mark (it has to refrigerate overnight) and Mark is going to make m00se for me for tonight. I imagine we'll watch a movie or two and perhaps do some other t00by things. Also need to call some other t00bs at some point.

Hmm, am beginning to feel peckish. Must go snog boyfriend and then beg him to feed me. :>

I'm late, but...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY cygnusfap!!!!

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