Vicki (hermorrine) wrote,

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This is just too funny not to post...

My brother came into my room to see if I wanted to get something for dinner, looked at my desk and said, "What are Clark and Lex doing?"

I look over at my action figures, which are on top of one of my speakers, and well, the two seem to be in a bit of a compromising position, with Lex on his back and Clark face down on top of Lex, with his head near Lex's groin area. I crack up.

I say - and this really IS the truth, which is why this is so damned funny - "I usually have them standing up, but they aren't very steady, and if the desk shakes at all they fall over, and I hadn't noticed they had."

My brother nods and says, "It really looks like they're doing something else."

I just laugh some more and consider briefly coming out as a slasher, then change my mind. *rolls*

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