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Pics and how I spent my day

I have spent more money this weekend than I have spent in a LONG time. I spent a bunch yesterday, but that was all expected and planned. But today was not.

I just bought new tires for my car. -.-

I noticed yesterday that there was a bubble on one of my tires, so I asked my dad to look at it today before I left. He said that meant it was going to blow out at any time. Well, goodie! So after running the couple of errands I needed to do, I went over to the tire place (actually, I went to 2 places, but we won't discuss the first one). There I had to make the tough decision as to how much money I actually wanted to spend on the tires (I decided that as they were all the same age, I might as well get all 4 replaced, especially as they had a sale going on). Went with the ones on sale, plus the extra package where they will replace the tires if anything happens before the tread is gone. Still, did not want to have to spend that money. -.-

But here are some t00by pictures I took outside, as it is absolutely GORGEOUS here today:

Morri is one of the wisest, smartest, best looking people on the planet. Or so at least she would like to think. It's not that Morri is vain - more that she is terribly susceptible to flattery. All Leos suffer from this little weakness. That's because, despite what astrologers are always saying about Leos and their confidence, secretly, deep down, they are a little unsure of themselves. This explains Morri's tendency to be strongly outspoken and extrovert one moment and quietly anxious the next.
Her close friends know all about her tendency towards self doubt. They know what a warm, genuine and generous character she can be, but they also know about her natural sensitivity. Morri's acquaintances, however, have no such insight. They feel sure that in Morri, they are dealing with a dynamic, energetic and decisive person who is it would be most unwise to cross.

Morri is fiery and feisty - she gives the impression of being someone who knows it all. As a matter of fact, whilst she does not know it 'all', she does know quite a lot of it. Morri is well read, well researched and always well presented. She cuts a dash, she has 'presence.' Heads turn when she enters the room. Morri is aware of the impression she makes but not entirely comfortable with it. She knows that people are responding to her big pretence, not her true personality. That's why she so deeply treasures the company of loved ones who are strong enough to see through her façade and respect her for the mere mortal that she actually is.

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