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I'm falling even more in love with you, letting go of all I held on to...

I am exhausted. I had to get up at 5:30 am because our hours have changed, and while I will be working the late shift 99% of the time starting in April, I had this early one today and the one next week already scheduled. Bleurgh. I don't even remember what I did the first hour I was at work. -.- Overall it wasn't a bad day, it just seemed to go on f o r e v e r.

I got to talk to zorac for a little while tonight, which definitely made me feel better. Am most likely very t00by that I enjoy being on the phone, just knowing he is on the other end of the line, even if we aren't talking every single second. I am in fact completely smitten, yes, thank you.

I was going to go swimming tonight, but decided I will go tomorrow night instead, as tonight it seemed rather likely I would fall asleep mid-lap and drown, which you must admit would probably earn me a Darwin award, and while that certainly would've been an interesting way to end things, I'm rather happy with the whole being alive deal currently. Instead, I went to pick up some things for my trip next week, including a little something for my boyfriend. :D Next, I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up my prescriptions, but apparently one of them was not clear enough and they have to contact the doctor and it should be ready tomorrow and OH GOOD GRIEF. -.- Finally, I got some chicken for dinner and went home. Chicken was good.

Now I think I am going to take a shower and go to bed early, as I can barely keep my eyes open. Not to mention the sooner I go to sleep, the more quickly it will be next week.

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