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Would you please stop staring at my tits? -.-

That goes into the "Things I probably should've said but didn't" pile. -.-

You see, I went swimming today. This most likely does not seem like a big deal to most of you, but for someone like me, whose body is looked upon as disgusting by the majority of the population, I still have issues appearing in public in a swimsuit. Granted, my issues are significantly better than they used to be, but hey, I'm still human. Add to that the fact that my swimsuit is a number of years old (this is my one-piece - the bikini is just not a good idea for swimming laps, it tends to move as it's really too big for me now), and doesn't, ahem, cover me properly, and it was less than thrilling. To keep my nether regions from showing to the world, I had to pull the suit down so far that I had MAJOR cleavage showing. Grr argh. I really want to buy a new suit - I even have it picked out - I just can't afford it right now. -.-

At any rate, I went and bought my 10-swim card and went in to the locker room (note to self: buy lock for locker before next time), put my stuff away and then went out to the pool. It was filled with children. There were two pools - one with kiddie stuff to play with and a waterslide, and a lap pool. There were signs up that you had to be 16 or older to be in the lap pool, but I guess because it was Saturday the lifeguards weren't enforcing that, which was annoying as hell.

I put my towel down and then went to get into the pool, which was not all that easy as it was the sort of entrance that had the steps dug into the side of the pool rather than actual steps. I was fairly worried about getting out again, but figured I'd deal when I came to that.

So now I'm in the pool, and there's this kid of about 15 STARING at me. Oi. I smile at him and then start my laps. The kid sorta follows me a bit and then when I get to about midway across the pool stops. Okaaaaay. This continues with each lap, to the point where it's creeping me out because he keeps grinning at me and seems to be waiting for me when I get to his end of the pool each time. -.- I try to avoid him but it's rather impossible. I later see his father signing to him, and then physically carrying him from the pool - he was obviously deaf and somewhat mentally challenged, so I feel rather badly for being creeped out by him. -.-

I need to stop and catch my breath with each lap; I haven't done any sort of real exercise in a very long time, and this is a lot for me. My form sucks, but oh well - I'm getting a workout. I think I did 11 laps, which I suppose isn't a lot but I thought was decent for my first time. Then I managed to climb out (not easily, I'm sure I looked like a lumbering hippo -.-) and as a reward, I went and sat in the hot tub for about 15 minutes. I then went and got dressed, eschewing a bra as trying to get one on while wet is just about impossible.

So, I'm rather proud of myself. The pool is open until 10 pm on weeknights, so I think I'm going to try to go after work a couple of times this week and see if that's better - there shouldn't be kids that late. Hopefully there won't be too many weird adults staring at me as I do my pathetic attempts at laps, either. -.- Now I just wonder how achy I'm going to be tomorrow...

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