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Thoughts on Smallville

I finally watched "Fever" and "Rosetta." -.-

I'm the girl of your dreams, masquerading as your best friend. :((

WHY IS CLARK SUCH AN ASS???? WHY?!? I cried for Chloe, he is such a fucker. How can he not see how wonderful she is? What the hell does he see in Lana? I really need to stop identifying with Chloe because all I could think was "I KNOW JUST HOW THAT FEELS! :((!" and the look on her face at the end of the episode!!! *wails* Oh gods I'm out of control. -.-

WHY IS MARTHA PREGNANT? SOMEONE TELL ME. I don't think that happened in canon! Did it?! >:0!!!

Rosetta was a little better. I think I was still too traumatized by Fever to appreciate it fully. The filling in of the backstory is certainly getting interesting. And Christopher Reeve was wonderful. Out-of-control, bewildered!Clark is much better than breaking-Chloe's-heart!Clark.

I would say I hate men but, well, I don't. I'm just supremely pissed off at a fictional character. Because hey, that's really rational and all. -.-

Amusing moment of the night: My mom has been insisting for months that once my dad retired, he had to take the younger of our two dogs - the dog that is really his - to obedience school. Considering how badly behaved she is, this is really quite necessary in a dog that weighs a good 90 lbs. So tonight Mom printed out and filled out the forms for the class and was trying to get Dad to sign them. I hear her say, "No, you just sign it. I don't trust you," to which Dad replied, "What? You don't trust your husband after 31 years?" and I had to loudly comment, "I bet she doesn't trust you after 33 years either - CONSIDERING THAT'S WHAT ANNIVERSARY IT IS NEXT MONTH DAD." *I'm* 31 Dad, and as far as I know I was born AFTER you were married, thanks. -.-

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