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I want you to burn, burn for me baby, like a candle in my night

Work was okay. We had potluck and the food was really quite good. Work was not too bad. Decided to call my boyfriend on my cell as I drove home, which while extremely nice, was a poor decision because of how much it costs to call international on a mobile. -.- Must learn some amount of restraint. Bah, I hate restraint.

Picked up new contacts from eye doctor. They feel rather strange but I am getting used to them. Then I stopped at the drugstore for painkillers (OW OW OW) and did not buy condoms as the selection was crap, although I did in fact buy easter egg-shaped Playdoh. I bought Playdoh because I have given up on trying to find out where they sell stressballs. All I want is a nice ball of gel or goo to play with while at work, but I have no idea where to get one. But I found Playdoh.

I'm not a politically-minded person. I don't follow all the issues; I don't feel qualified to give opinions on such things. But I do feel qualified to say that I do not want to see war happen, I think it's a horrific idea, I'm scared and I feel completely helpless. And there's really nothing more that can be said. -.-

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