Vicki (hermorrine) wrote,

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Back to reality...

I came out of work to find my car covered in snow and a parking ticket stuck on the door, because a) the parking enforcement people in the city of Evanston are rabid bastards and b) they couldn't see my handicapped sign because of the snow. -.- I don't have to pay it, but it's just annoying as hell to go through the paperwork.

Also, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning and another one Wednesday morning. I hope these won't be as traumatic as the last one two weeks ago, but hey, that's most likely too much to ask for. -.-

I told my parents about my brother's foray into the kitchen at 5 am last night and asked that they please explain to him that anything between say, 1 am - 6 am on a workday is just unacceptable. They actually seemed to agree with me, for once.

Now I think I will get my stuff ready for tomorrow and go to bed early and read for a while...

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