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You're the only one who leaves me completely breathless

Thanks very very much to altricial who made my lovely new LJ layout over the weekend. It was a nice surprise to come home to and definitely fits my mood right now.

If I talked to you last night, most likely you've heard a lot of this already, in which case you should stop reading because you will be bored. >:D<

I got to the airport in time and waited in my car outside the international terminal. zorac called my cell and told me which exit he was by, and I told him I was right outside it. He came out and I was waiting by my car attempting not to have a heart attack as he walked up. We had a truly awkward hug and then got in the car and I proceeded to get us well and truly lost trying to get out of the airport. We finally got to our hotel and checked in and things became less awkward not long after that. I'm afraid that's really all I can say about Friday night.

Saturday we got up in time for the free breakfast the hotel had, then we went for a quick drive to my house, which I'm sure Mark enjoyed tremendously as he got to see where I went to high school and the outside of my house. >:D< Then we stopped to pick up sandwiches for later from Subway, which ended up being amusing as hell because Mark needed a translator. The man was making his sandwich and Mark asked for "gerkins" and the man stared at Mark, so Mark repeated it, and I finally realized they weren't understanding one another and said "PICKLES!" and we all laughed.

We went back to the hotel and changed into our swimsuits and headed down to the pool, which was pretty nice until a bunch of children showed up and were splashing and noisy. So went back to the room and had our sandwiches and watched most of A League of Their Own.

Later that night we were getting ready to go out for dinner and I walked into the other room of the suite and burst out laughing, which I'm sure confused poor Mark a great deal. He was wearing a Babylon 5 t-shirt. But, not just any B5 t-shirt, oh no - the very same B5 t-shirt I used to own!! I'm sure this means something - I just haven't figured out quite what as of yet.

So we went to dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants and we had salad and pasta. Well, Mark ordered French dressing for his salad, and when it arrived, he was looking at it in a very confused manner. I asked what was wrong and he said that it wasn't French dressing. I looked at it, saw that it was a deep orangey-red, and said, yes it is, and I was also confused. So I asked what French dressing was to him, and he said that it was supposed to be oil and vinegar and spices, which is basically a vinagrette (or might be what Americans consider Italian dressing, thinking about it more). I honestly never would have thought that salad dressing would be that different, but he tried the American version of French and I guess he thought it was okay (personally, I detest the stuff - I don't like salad dressings that are sweet and French is just that). The pasta was quite good, however.

Sunday we got up and packed up everything and managed to just barely make the noon checkout. Then I asked Mark what he wanted for lunch and he said Mexican, as he hadn't had it in years. So we went to a Mexican place I'd never been to before but was actually quite good. I did have to explain almost everything on the menu, but I thought it was kind of fun really. I also got to enjoy the look on his face when I asked if he'd ever had fried ice cream. *laughs at that memory* So we shared fried ice cream because we couldn't not have some after that. For those of you who've never had the pleasure, fried ice cream is a ball of ice cream, usually vanilla, rolled in cornflakes and cinnamon, very quickly fried, and topped with honey, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Very yummy. I also took lots of photos of Mark while we were in the very brightly decorated Mexican restaurant, but alas did not force him to pose with any of the painted flowers.

After we ate we still had some time to kill, so we went over to one of the bookstore chains and looked around for a bit, then sat and talked, notably about the models of the Globe theatre that were right next to our table. Truly, no Shakespeare scholar's life can be complete without that little wonder. As we were leaving I asked another random shopper to take pics of us, which she nicely did. I don't like those pics as much as the one I posted before, however. Am picky.

Then we had to go to the airport, boo hoo. It was snowing but not a lot so his flight wasn't cancelled. So we had to say goodbye and then I got back in the car and that silly t00b was just standing there watching me, getting SNOWED on, so I shooed him off to go into the airport.

So, yeah. Those would be the details I'm willing to part with. If y'all want more, you'll have to try to get it from Mark. *grins*

Also, my brother is an idiot. He is currently unemployed and he has to do the dishes most of the time. Well, he keeps very odd hours since he hasn't got a job, so in his infinite wisdom he decided to do the dishes at 5 am last night. This would not be so important except for the fact that my bedroom is right next to the kitchen, and the wall my head is near is the one that is shared by the cabinets that hold the dishes. >:D< So my brother woke me up. And I really think he did it on purpose. -.-

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