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Bloody hell.

Well, if you ever liked my smut, I hope you'd already read it, because it's gone now. is their infinite wisdom decided not to warn anyone who was an author there, and I honestly have NO idea if I even have my fics saved on my computer. Stupid me, I know. What's really sad is that if my own computer was working, I most likely would have already coded each story and hosted it on my own site. I'd planned to do it once I got back here. But apparently fate has a way of kicking you in the ass, doesn't it?

Basically, all I have left is Sex in the Village, because that's R and it's on Fiction Alley. Blessings, FA, how I love thee. I know why you can't host NC-17s but I wish more than ever that you could have.

I am now going to go back to my computer and see if I do have any of my other fics left. -.-

Edited to say:
Apparently has not taken the fics down yet, but you have to go directly to the link for the story. There's nothing on my author page. I also found that I DO have all of my stories, in one place or another, on my hard drive of my computer. So one way or another, I'm allright. *wipes brow in relief*

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