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As Toby continues on his plan for fixing my neurosis...

hermorrine: I know. It's usually user error.
tobymalfoy: heh. you are talking like a tech support person
Morri: You DO realize that's what my job is, right?
Toby: of course. Just never noticed it before. 'user error' hehe
Morri: *laughs* That's because we've never had reason to deal with users much before.
Morri: You and I, I mean.
Toby: yeah. nasssty little thingiess. Are stealing my precioussss lasssst nervesss.
Morri: :))
Toby: *points and O_O* You laughed at a Gollum joke! *holds your hand*
Toby: >:D<
Morri: *clings*
Morri: In truth, I am getting a bit more used to it.
Morri: Not that I want a gollum doll or anything, mind you! >:0!
Toby: *pats* we will cuddle and watch it and you will be free of your Gollumphobia and you will want to adopt him and let him live in the dog house
Morri: *laughs and laughs*
Morri: You dream big, don't you?

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