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During what has to have been one of the longest phone conversations I've ever had, I have discovered the truth about zorac's sexual orientation.

zorac explained that he had been the one to exclaim about only having wet dreams if you don't wank enough (this was at Mact00bage), and that apparently he had said this because he had never had a wet dream himself and how others found that odd. After saying this, he said to me the following:

I think I would know if I'd ever had one. You wake up in the sheets and it's all EEEEYEEEEEW.

To which I laughed and laughed and told him he had just PROVEN beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was straight.

Later, for confirmation...

Morri: Tell me ONE gay guy you know who does not like to play with cum.
John: There aren't any.
Morri: I rest my case.

You can only imagine my relief.

Hmmm.... ;)
Hmmmm... ;)

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