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14 February 2003 @ 11:07 am
*hugs and kisses to anyone who wants 'em*  
Happy Valentine's Day to anyone who wants those sorts of wishes. :) *gives a special kiss to a certain someone*

I heard something amusing as I drove in to work this morning on the news, which altricial and puckmalfoy especially should find interesting, though I would imagine they already know.

Apparently, Valentine's Day is basically a federally mandated holiday in Singapore. The declining birth rate in the country has concerned the government so much that they have set up all sorts of activities for single people to get together - there are supposed to be parties, kareoke, and other things - all to hopefully get people to have babies.

In all seriousness, I have no problem with encouraging people to have sex responsibly. But is this responsible, really? Is there perhaps a reason that the birth rate is declining - people are realizing they can't afford a large family, perhaps? Is the government going to pay to raise these kids? Puck or Anna, if you know any more about this, I'm curious.

But mostly I'm damned amused. >:D
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Teesside Snog Monster: gamesjiggery_pokery on February 21st, 2003 07:00 am (UTC)
Re: Sex Ed
Interesting article on BBC News today which made me think of you and this discussion: some people feel that the "A Pause" sex ed scheme used in some British schools goes too far. (The last sentence in the last quote is unfortunately prone to misinterpretation, but I suspect I'm just being bloody-minded.)

You can read more about the A Pause scheme separately. I'm not completely convinced by the idea of using 16-17 year olds to teach 13-14 year olds, but if it does work then I'll go along with it. The theory looks good; I hope it really is good in practice and that it heralds the start of a generation of kids born in the early '90s who turn out to be open-minded, well-educated, thoughtful and practical.

I do wish it had been around when I had been at school, though - it sounds very positive, quite broad and rather fun. (That's the theory, though - I can well see that it could go as badly wrong as any other type of lesson plan if the teachers or the rapport isn't quite correct.) It also has given me a strange thought; you can go back to night school for courses in all academic subjects in later life, but I can't think of any night school offering basic/remedial sex ed. Why not? (Conversely, I have long admired the places in the US offering more advanced sex ed as even recreational adult education. Would that there were more over here!)