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You're so beautiful, with an edge and a charm

Yesterday, my father retired. He will never work on another elevator in his life. It's a bit soon to truly see what the ramifications of this will be, but I predict it's not going to be pretty. I think he'll get bored within a couple of months and be less than nice. Maybe I'll be wrong - I hope so. My dad has been talking about when he retires for my entire life, so it's hard to see how this cannot be more of a letdown than a relief. I hope that makes some sort of sense.

I went to apply for my passport today, which was actually a small victory to me. You see, I had to search to find a place that did passports on Saturdays as my work schedule for the next few weeks will not allow me to get it done on my lunch time. So the one place that had Saturday hours was a post office a few towns away. So I filled out my form, got my pics taken, and found my birth certificate. I also managed to find my divorce papers, so that date was taken care of. However, I could not find my marriage license, and I don't even know if it had our birthdates on it, so I had no choice but to guess at my ex's birthday. It was an educated guess, mind you - I knew it was July 1966, and I knew it was in the first week, but the exact date - not sure at all. So I chose the 5th. We just have to hope that either isn't too important or they don't notice it or, by some odd bit of luck, I guessed correctly.

So anyway, the truly amazing thing. I get there and the queue is quite long. I'm not really surprised, but I haven't stood anywhere, let alone in a queue of people, for more than 5 minutes in a very long time. But I knew I had to do this - so I did. I stood in the queue for about 45 minutes - now, granted, I was leaning on things whenever I could, and I was in some pain, but I did it. I know those of you who don't have mobility problems don't see what's so incredible about this, so all I can say is that you'll have to trust me - and that I hope you never do understand why this is so incredible.

I called over to the Great Flat of MacT00bage and spoke to jiggery_pokery, anatsuno, altricial, mhw, petulans and queerasjohn. It was very fun talking to all of them, especially as I hadn't spoken to most of them before. I was also greatly amused by the fact that John apparently didn't want to take the time to get dressed before talking to me, and instead delighted in informing me that he was speaking to me while wearing only a robe. I have but one word for such behavior - COCKTEASE. (Although there are certain people who would disagree with that assessment, *cough*) Love it baby - keep up the good work. *smirks* Much love to all my MacT00bs.

For some reason I've felt the need to download tons of Sarah McLachlan songs. I must've heard one of her songs today, although I don't recall it.

I believe I will now go and make a cheese souffle-type omelet for dinner, then perhaps do a mud mask on my face and read women's magazines. Sheesh - no wonder that Spark quiz guessed my gender was female.

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