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Of work and penii

I had a long entry planned, but as I can now only remember two things to post about, that's all there will be.

I had my performance evaluation with my boss today, and it went really well. I wasn't too nervous about it since I'm still fairly new, but it was good to get feedback and direction all the same. Whether or not this will mean more money depends on the higher ups, of course, but that would be excellent.

Secondly, I heard about this show that is coming to Chicago on the radio today. It's like performance art and apparently these guys are from Australia (why does this not surprise me?). It's called Puppetry of the Penis. Have any of you seen this? I mean, I know I've seen guys do Stupid Penis Tricks in person - ahem - but this is definitely... more. I really wish I had someone I could go with, because I SO would. I find this sort of thing fascinating. I found their website, and look guys - they're holding auditions!! Who's up for it? ;) I'd be happy to evaluate you before the audition if you'd like. I'm very generous and giving, as you can see. *blinks innocently*

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