Vicki (hermorrine) wrote,

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Blah :(

I thought I was feeling out-of-sorts earlier just because I was tired and because thezeppo has gone, but no. It's now quite clear that I'm sick. I've sneezed a zillion times and blown my nose even more. My head is killing me and I am all stuffed up. I have another half an hour at work, then I am spraying Lysol all over everything and heading out. I will be stopping by the store on the way home, where I will stock up on the kleenex with aloe in it, soup, and cold/sinus meds. Then I will go home and go to bed.
(weatherby - I will come on and talk to you while I eat my soup)

David, I really hope I didn't get you sick, but whatever you do, don't breathe on heidi8! I will never forgive myself if I get her sick through you while she's preggers. :(

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