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Bomb Scare at the Hive

I've worked in the entertainment business in a variety of capacities (radio on-air personality; music director; social media/promotion manager for a musician/actor), so I've seen a few things. I've been stalked, threatened, freaked out, had to call in extra security for my client... but this is my first bomb scare.

Tonight a bunch of friends and I were at the Hive, 30 Seconds to Mars' marketing and promotion headquarters in Los Angeles (located on Melrose Ave). The band was going to show a preview of their documentary Artifact, which is about the making of their latest album This Is War. There was a huge turnout and as there could only be about 100 people in the Hive at a time, they decided to do 2 showings. My friends and I decided to wait for the 2nd showing and moved back in the line. The first group went in and we were then much closer to the door, just hanging out and talking.

I first noticed something odd was going on when a car started honking repeatedly on the street. A car had stopped, double parked, right in front of the Hive and the car behind that one was honking like mad. The guy who had double parked got out of his car, put a big box that appeared to be wrapped like a gift on top of his roof for a moment. I still really wasn't thinking much, but then he threw a bunch of money in the air and stormed up to the closed door of the Hive. *blinks* A bunch of people in the line ran into the street to grab the money (I was not one of them, but I was close enough to the people to see that yes, it was REAL money, $20 bills - probably at least $200), and while that was happening, people by the door told him he couldn't go in. He pounded on the door and then went in anyway.

If you haven't seen the video that someone took, I'm sure you can find the link yourself. What happened was this: the guy pushed through the chairs, got right in front of Jared and threw the box at his feet. He then started to yell at Jared. Jared took hold of the guy and pulled him into the back of the Hive; Tomo helped. Someone picked up the box and took it in the back, too. They put the guy out the back door and called the police. They kept people calm and managed to show the group the 20-minute preview, but eventually the police did show up.

Those of us still on the street watched as Jon and Bryan (employees of the band) explained what had happened to the police, and then about 10 minutes later, we were told by the officers that we'd all have to go at least 4 blocks away while the bomb squad was called in. We all went down to Starbucks - LOL! - and stayed there until they had to close, then we went back down the street.

TMZ showed up - I did talk to them. I have no idea if I'll end up on camera anywhere, and as much as I detest paparazzi and gossip - I would rather have the truth be told than nonsense or anything else. Although to be completely honest - I didn't KNOW the guy was from TMZ until after he was done filming. Blech.

Finally they let everyone go back, and we walked down to the Hive again (all our cars were near there anyway!). A few minutes later, Jared opened the door and talked to us for a few minutes. He apologized for what happened - like it was his fault?! - and said that the guy was a disturbed individual who wanted to talk to him for SOME reason, and that he hoped the man would now be getting the help he needs. He thanked us for waiting and said they would do another showing tomorrow (Friday) night, and he hoped we'd come back if we could. Then he said goodnight, they locked up the Hive and we headed out.

Some questions that I've seen asked:

Was this just a publicity stunt?

Valid question, but as someone who saw this man and the beginning of what went down... no. Absolutely, positively no way.

Why didn't anyone stop him before he got that close to Jared and Tomo?

It just happened too quickly. Those of us outside didn't realize something TRULY weird was going on until the money went flying and he charged the door. Then, what people on the inside told me is that at first, they DID think this was part of the presentation or something. It wasn't until the guy started yelling that people realized it was NOT some sort of stunt.

Why doesn't the Hive have better security?

Honestly? Because it's never been necessary. The Hive is in a storefront that's open to the public so that people can... come in. Learn about the band, have fun, do promo. Now, the band isn't actually AT the Hive very often, but even at other events where they have been there, things have been fine, everything has gone smoothly and there haven't been issues like this. Will things change because of this incident? I don't know yet, and I doubt anyone else does, either.

What was in the box?

Now that I don't know! Although supposedly people are reporting that it was a blender and candy. *shakes head* All I know is that it was NOT a bomb. The dogs and officers cleared that much up.

Obviously, the important thing is that no one was hurt. I will be going back tomorrow night, because I want to see what I missed! And I sincerely hope that tomorrow's event will be less... eventful. I think I've had my fill of scary!excitement for quite some time, thanks...

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