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This has been a crap day overall, I have to say. It actually wasn't bad until after I was off work, which is just sad.

I went to two shops to try and find something I wanted for myself and also a final xmas gift. Well, apparently that was too much for my knee, because it is KILLING me now. -.- I've attempted to explain to it that this is an exceedingly inconvienent time for it to go out, as David will be here the day after tomorrow and I am supposed to take him places. But so far it's not letting up, and I'm getting a bit freaked out. -.-

Then I got flamed on the HPFGU-OffTopic list for a post I wrote about slash and sex in HP fanfics (it was in response to someone else's post). *I* thought I had been very logical, pleasant and understanding in my email, but this person managed to twist everything I said and make it sound like something else, and I'm fuming. The worst part is that I know I can't respond, because it would degenerate into a flame war, and I won't do that. So instead I get to just sit on my hands and most likely the flamer will think he's won. -.-

There were some good things. I got my French Premiere magazine and card and "pocket Harry" from my lovely wife anatsuno, and now I am just debating whether or not I should take out the posters and put them up in my cube at work. *contemplates* Thank you soooo much and tell me how much I owe you and which email to PayPal it to - you should have one of my 469782496 email addresses.

I also got a postcard from the t00bing-about-England ali_wildgoose, which was very nice except for the fact that I live with my parents and my dad is the one who generally gets the mail every day, and I'm sure he saw it. Ooops. (As Ali doesn't seem to have me friended, I'm sure someone else can report this to her so she can laugh at me)

I went to the bookstore to try and find the CoS calendars but they didn't have any. :(( They did have the large Gund stuffed Harry and Hermione for half off, but I thought that Hermione was ugly so I just got Harry, but I really wanted Ron!! :(( And there were no Rons. I had to settle for Harry. I need a Ron for cuddling!!! Especially right now.

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