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04 January 2003 @ 03:04 am
How can the world want ME to change? They're the ones that stay the same.  
I was in the middle of proofing fics for RS when our freaking DSL decided to take a break. -.- I was not amused.

So I played more of the HPSS game. I have killed Harry more times than I care to count. I really suck at this. I'm convinced it's because they only had Atari when I was a child - I didn't grow up on Nintendo like kids today. How good could your coordination possibly get when all you played was Pong?! I really have no chance at this. I do realize it. And yet, I continue to play the game and swear at it. A lot.

Tomorrow I am going for hand therapy and then to get my hair colored again. More red. And cut. Cutting is definitely needed. Then I may do the grocery shopping, we shall see.

Oh, and I asked thezeppo if I should get anything for him. He said he didn't know what he wanted, and told me he wanted to go to the supermarket with me. *blinks* Okay, so you travel 3573835128974 miles across the globe... to shop for groceries?! Sadly, it is quintesentially American, and I probably would find it fascinating in other countries as well. So I guess I'm just as weird as David is. Who's surprised?

Oh shut up. :P~

And why do you people keep saying I'm flirtatious?! What are you smoking?!
I feel: sleepysleepy
[will fuck for sex]anatsuno on January 5th, 2003 10:14 am (UTC)
Going to the supermarket in another country is ALWAYS great. In the US? EVEN BETTER. :D

(haircuts are cool, yo)

have I said happy new year yet? *hugs*

Vickihermorrine on January 5th, 2003 08:30 pm (UTC)
Silly wifey. *hugs*
[will fuck for sex]anatsuno on January 6th, 2003 01:10 am (UTC)
Me, silly? What have I done?! *winks*

(am on the silly side of things as much as I can - that way joy and happiness lie!)