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First Time Bad Sex Fic

I don't even know what to say.

Title: Just a Little Gryffindor Spit
Author: Morrigan
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Oliver/Marcus
Summary: Bad teeth and a monster cock - what's a poor naive Gryffindor to do?
Notes: I am most likely out of my mind, yes. Also, thanks to durendal for the beta - mwah!

As the cold flagstones of the floor dug painfully into his arse, Oliver Wood
wondered if he would ever be able to look back on his first time and laugh. Of
course, considering his first time was with his archenemy, one Marcus Flint, he
probably should have known better.

He still wasn't quite sure how it had happened. One minute they had been
arguing after a Quidditch match and the next they had been snogging. Thank
bloody everything no one else from their respective teams had been around to
see that. When they had pulled apart, Flint had looked at him appraisingly and
had then said, "I want to fuck you, Wood. Meet me at the top of the Astronomy
Tower at 11 tonight," and then he had turned and walked into the Slytherin
locker room. Oliver had just stared after him for a minute, his lips chapped from
the kiss, his erection straining painfully against his trousers, and had known that
although it was quite likely insane, he would be there.

Oliver climbed the last few steps to the top of the Astronomy Tower and peered
into the darkness. He saw Flint step away from the wall and walk toward him,
which Oliver felt was a smart thing as his own legs felt as though they'd just
turned to jelly as a bizarre mix of excitement and nervousness flooded his body.
Flint stopped right in front of him and grabbed him, pinching his chin with one
hand painfully, and then kissed him roughly. Oliver had to try not to cry out as
Flint's jagged teeth bit into his lower lip. Maybe I like it rough?, he thought
wildly as his cock stirred beneath his robes. He felt Flint's hands pawing at his
clothing, and soon enough his robes and t-shirt were both on the floor.

"Don't you just look good enough to eat?" Flint leered at him and then sank his
bad teeth into Oliver's neck near his shoulder blade. Oliver keened at the pain
and then whimpered as Flint began to twist his nipples painfully. Apparently he
thought those were noises of pleasure, because he kept doing it until Oliver was
about to beg him to stop. But stop he did, because Flint was now focusing on
the hardness being contained only by Oliver's boxer shorts. Flint slid the boxers
down Oliver's legs and then curled his ham-like hand around the cock before
him, stroking it clumsily.

Then, as Oliver's cock twitched madly and his brain registered something
between horror and excitement, Marcus Flint took his cock into his mouth.

To say that this is not what Oliver had expected when it came to a blow job
would be the understatement of a lifetime. He'd expected a blow job to feel
good, no, incredible, and while this did feel pretty good, it was also painful. He
suspected that Flint's horrible teeth were the problem. He could feel those
misaligned bicuspids and molars scraping along his cock at the same time as the
Slytherin's large, flopping tongue attempted to open the hole at the top of his
cock further than it was meant to go. Why the hell hadn't Flint's parents gotten
his teeth fixed?!
, Oliver wondered irritably as he squirmed under the Slytherin's
ministrations. But then Flint stopped and stood up. Oliver watched him warily.

"I think it's time to see what you can do," Flint said with what Oliver supposed
was meant to be a grin, but those awful teeth made look like a grimace of pain.
Oliver watched as Flint took off his own clothing, and when he finally took off his
own boxers, Oliver nearly ran for the exit.

Marcus Flint was hung - hung like a fucking Centaur. Oliver gulped as Flint knelt
next to his head and pushed the monstrous cock into his face. Feeling as
though he had no other choice - and also, oddly, feeling a bit of a challenge -
Oliver opened his mouth and licked at the head of that huge member.

Flint moaned and with one swift motion was straddling Oliver's head. Suddenly,
Oliver's mouth was full of cock, so full he could barely breathe. He felt his gag
reflex kick on and off as Flint began to fuck his mouth in earnest, pulling out just
enough with each stroke so that Oliver managed to get some oxygen. Oliver lost
track of how long his face was being fucked, but finally Flint pulled out of his
mouth entirely, panting.

"You do have such a nice mouth there, but now I'd rather like to see how nice
that arse of yours is," Flint said as he stood and moved to the other end of
Oliver's body. Oliver could only stare at him. How could that possibly fit inside
him? How could he tell Flint he'd changed his mind? But before he could really
form any words or any sort of a plan, Flint was kneeling before him and lifting
his legs onto to his shoulders.

"This might hurt a bit at first, but it should feel very good after the beginning.
Spit makes good lube I've heard," Flint said in what Oliver thought was supposed
to be a reassuring tone but sounded more like a threat. Before he could think
about it much more, he felt something huge pushing against him. He bit his lip,
determined to not let Flint know he was in pain. Gryffindors were brave, right?
He could do this. But as he felt more of that huge cock enter him, he wondered
how long he could hold out. He tasted blood and realized he'd bitten his lip too
hard, but he couldn't help it. As Flint's cock finally pushed past that tight ring of
muscle, Oliver could hold back no longer and he let out a whimper.

"It's going to get even better now," Flint hissed as he began to fuck Oliver's arse
into the flagstones. Oliver wasn't sure if he was going to split in two or pass out,
but oddly enough, neither happened.

To his complete and utter mortification, Oliver came.

Oliver was shooting buckets of cum everywhere, including into Flint's left eye.
Flint let out a roar of pain and pawed at his eye, but even the sudden shock
couldn't keep his own cock from emptying its load into Oliver's tight and now
very sore arse. As soon as he was done, Flint pulled out quickly and stood.

"What were you playing at? Are you a complete idiot?" Flint seethed, throwing
Oliver's robes at him. Oliver attempted to stammer that he hasn't meant to
shoot cum in his eye, but Flint had turned his back on him and was quickly
getting dressed. Oliver decided there was nothing for it but to get dressed
himself, so he began to pull on his clothing.

"Well, I can promise you that you won't have the chance to experience that
again," Flint said with a sneer. "I know you were hoping for more, but you were
really awful, Wood."

With that, Flint turned and headed down the staircase. Oliver looked at his
retreating form and wondered how this had ended with him being the bad lay.

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