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25 December 2002 @ 12:03 am
Happy Christmas!  
I hope that if you celebrate in any way, shape or form, religious or not, you have a lovely day. :)

They let us leave work at 1 today, which was very nice and unexpected. Also, it has indeed snowed, so we're having a white Christmas. My dad is more thrilled by this than you can know. He and the dog are way too excited.

I have just finished wrapping every gift in the house except for mine, which leads me to wonder A) what did they do when I lived in California the past 4 years? ("Oh, she's not here...I guess we can't wrap the gifts." *confused looks all around*) and B) Will my gifts be wrapped?

To add insult to injury, after I was almost done with everything my mom had brought in for me to wrap, my dad brings in the things he got for my mom, including one REALLY huge box that one could not tell what it was - it was just plain brown with a handle on top, rather heavy. He doesn't give me instructions, just asks me to wrap them and tells me they're for Mom. Okay, fine. I wrap the huge box and a few other things, then tell him to come and get them as I'm running out of room on my KING-SIZE BED. He comes in, sees that the big box is wrapped and says, "Oh, you didn't need to wrap it - you could've just put a bow on it." *facepalms* Then why did you bring it in here?!?! Why did you not just ask me for a bow?!

I would also like to bitch for a moment about the fact that I did ALL of my brother's shopping for him, as, you might recall, he was in the hospital last week and of course, being male, did not plan to do his shopping until the last minute. And I don't mean he told me what to buy and I just went and got it - oh no, I came up with all the ideas as well as getting the stuff. The ONLY person he had to buy for was me. Do I get any gratitude for this? No, he was being an arse all evening. Bah on him.

Mom is not cooking Christmas dinner tomorrow. She decided that what with my brother in the hospital and other stressors she couldn't be arsed, and she ordered the entire meal from the supermarket. You just have to heat it up. Well, they returned from getting it and other items while I was here in my room (off the kitchen, but I can't see into it from my desk so I couldn't see what they brought in), and my dad says as they walk in, "Hey Morri - they messed up our order, so we have to have hamburgers for Christmas tomorrow." Sadly, I know my father's sense of humor and said, "Oh okay Dad." *rolls eyes and shakes head* This is my father in a good mood - be afraid.

Okay, I'm very tired, so I am off to get ready for bed. Love and good tidings to one and all!
I feel: sleepysleepy
I hear: Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses
chiriko on December 24th, 2002 10:11 pm (UTC)

merry christmas! you are the sweetest person ever for doing all these things for your family. i hope you get some great stuff as well as gratitude tomorrow. :-*
the youth in asia: in the garden (with colin)puckmalfoy on December 25th, 2002 04:00 am (UTC)
you are so nice it hurts.

i really hope tomororow goes fantastic for you!

[will fuck for sex]anatsuno on December 25th, 2002 08:19 am (UTC)
hope you're having a good day, still. Merry Christmas! <3
Toby Malfoy: bunniestobymalfoy on December 25th, 2002 12:07 pm (UTC)
*hugs and schnoogles*

Hope you have some fun today! >:D