Vicki (hermorrine) wrote,

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I have no idea what to put here

Well, Mom just took my brother to the ER. Wonderful.

The fridge died completely, and the new one isn't coming until Friday. Lovely.

I got my aunt's gift, but I still have to buy my sister's, bro-in-law's, niece's, mom's, dad's, brother's, and 3 friends'. Marvelous.

Keep seeing mention of that TTT movie thing and the damnable creature which scarred me as a child. No, I will NOT see these movies. Only tobymalfoy or queerasjohn can get me to see them, because they promised to hold my hand. Yes, I am a big wuss - bite me.

And now eleveninches is torturing me with bad fics that cannot spell "wizard." I love you, Erin, really. You take my mind off my real problems by subjecting me to crap writing. <3!

I got more Xmas cards today! One from hautemonde and one from titanic_days. They are both so very nice and made me smile. <333 you both!

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