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Quick update and then salad

I have gotten cards from dramaturgy, augustuscaesar and alkaloid. They were all wonderful and I <3 you all. :) I must add that I got the COOLEST thing from Lighty. I will not say what it is, for you might all get horribly jealous - but I did giggle madly. <3333!!

Our fridge has died. The new one comes Thursday. I spent a while tonight taking nasty, digusting things out of the current one. More fun than I care to express. -.-

I feel so incredibly unprepared for xmas. I have next to no presents bought, and my sister and family will be here this weekend for the gift exchange and celebration. Guess who'll be at WalMart after work Friday night?

I don't know, I'm just not INTO it. I am not feeling the xmas spirit at all, despite getting more cards so far than I have in years. It's just not there. *sigh*

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