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London and UK Peoples!!

We're trying to organize (HAHAHAHA) some get-togethers for this weekend while I'm there. I don't think we're planning to have ONE BIG t00bage since there are many people and schedules we're working with, so if you want to meet up even for a drink or coffee, or you want to go do some touristy thing with me, or you want to come to dinner or lunch with us or SOMETHING, leave me a comment here or you can go to this post where folk is attempting to gather t00bs.

If you need my mobile number for phoning or texting and you don't have it, let me know that, too.

OMG I AM LEAVING IN TWO DAYS AND I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO AND AND AND LONDON OMG!!! Someone get me a paper bag, hyperventialitinghyperventilating is bad. And difficult to spell.

This is what happens when Morri doesn't have enough time to plan things completely. Insanity reigns. o_O

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