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I am tired and bruised and I have answers to questions!

Oh, so very busy. I hope nothing too exciting has happened to you all in the past 3 days, because if it did, I haven't seen it. I skipped back a bit, but I couldn't go all the way. :/

So... saw OotP. Non-spoilery review: Good overall, but as it's my least-fave book, it's no surprise that it's not my fave movie. Overall, I like what they did with it, and in some respects the movie version is more palatable. I feel like a bad bad person saying that, but I've always felt that OotP was the weakest book. *shrugs* You don't need to agree.

Had a blast at Disneyland and down in San Diego with all the t00bs, but my plantar fascitis was totally acting up with all the walking and I am sooo tired. Must go to bed early tonight. Also, every time I'm in San Diego, there's a part of me that longs to stay there. :( Waaaah.

radinden has asked me some rather interesting questions, so I will answer them below. I'm supposed to ask other people questions, so if you want me to ask you some, leave a comment and I'll at least make the attempt.

1. Compare and contrast: real-life Orange County, fictional OC.

Well, I'm assuming that you're referring to the television show The OC, in which case I can't answer this question. I've never seen the show and have no interest in seeing it. I've also never seen the movie called Orange County (although I'm not certain if the movie is about OC, CA or another state, since there is an 'Orange County' in at least three states that I can think of off the top of my head). I'm not a huge film and TV fan - and yes, I can explain that, but whenever I do people think I'm a complete and utter freak. :P

2. In the same vein, you've just moved to one of the most desired (not quite the same thing as "desirable") places on earth. That said, if you could be living anywhere on earth right now (work notwithstanding), where would it be?

If it was work and money notwithstanding, I'd say England, absolutely. There are two places I've been that have felt like home - Southern California is one, and England is the other. I was born, raised and spent the majority of my life in the Chicago area, but it never felt like home.

3. All fandoms inevitably generate petty drama. Discuss.

Oh bloody hell. Yes, they all do. It doesn't matter how big or small the fandom is - there are always jealousies of some stripe, and it seems like being jealous is the main problem in fandoms. They're all huge popularity contests - who's the biggest BNF (Big Name Fan) of them all? And when it comes to fandoms involving real people - Drake Bell, 30 Seconds to Mars as opposed to Harry Potter, for example - then you get all the people who lord over others how many times they've met the people involved or how close they are to them (or think they are), etc etc. There's constant one-upmanship, and the politics of fandoms are enough to make anyone mental. I can't tell you how many times I've seriously considered jumping ship completely from one fandom or another, but... somehow, I never do. Ultimately, all the cool people I meet via fandoms manage to make the shite worthwhile. At least, that's how it's gone so far - that's of course subject to change. ;)

4. What would be in your personal Room 101?

UGH!!! There are so many possible answers to this, but I'm going to go with it being rather like Indiana Jones - a room full of BUGS. OMG I HATE BUGS. I don't CARE what they are, I don't CARE what they do, I hate the damn creepy-crawlies and I can think of nothing worse than to be trapped in a room full of bugs that kept crawling on me and/or biting/stinging me. Just the other night when I was outside, a spider went down the front of my blouse and I SHRIEKED and pulled my top away and made the spider fall down to the ground. Of course, I was talking to a GUY at the time (he got a bit of a show, oh yays -.-), and he laughed his arse off at me. He's all, "It was just a spider!" and I'm like, "IT WAS ON MY BOOBS!!! OMGWTFBBQ!!!!" -.-!

5. Finally, although I'm sure this crosses over into a different meme, just why the hell are you interested in "lesbian ghost sex"?!

LOLOL You're a bad British person!! Haven't you ever seen Hex?! Lesbian ghost sex FTW!! I'm bisexual, and two sexy, scantily-clad women writhing around is HOT. Yeah, I said it. ;P

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