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Well, hello there!

I've friended a bunch of new people via two different friending-spree posts, so if you're wondering why I've friended you - I probably saw you there and thought you sounded interesting. You got bonus points if you're into 30STM, live in California, or are just generally cool. So yes, hi. :)

In other news, lookit my new pretty!! Many, many thanks to Beth for making it more me. *beams* I think I may have to play with the colors yet, but not tonight, no.

I've been remarkably productive the last few days. I ran errands yesterday - which included using a free gift card to buy a new showerhead, so that hopefully I won't have to keep turning myself into a pretzel just to wash my hair - and then today I built things. I built the bedframe - now the bed is actually high enough! I installed the showerhead - and it doesn't leak! I've finished going through the boxes and I put a bunch away in the storage closet off the patio and moved other boxes into the walk-in closet. I moved the dresser to another spot in the bedroom (now THAT was a bitch). I put the feet back on the ottoman (took them off for safe-keeping during shipping). I made a batch of chocolate chip/peanut butter chip cookies, and I also baked an omelette. I did two RPs.

Fuck, I'm tired now. LOL But I promised myself that I could watch Dr Who if I was a good little Morri, so I'm watching last week's ep tonight, and I'll watch this week's tomorrow. So now I'm off to do that, and then there will be collapsing, for work this week is likely to be INSANE.

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