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Long weekends are meant for relaxing?

I've managed to empty a number of boxes, and my kitchen is beginning to have some semblance of order. A number of mugs were moving casualties, unfortunately, and even more unfortunately, I did a crap job of getting them into the garbage can and then ended up stepping on a piece of a handle with my bare feet. It hurt, but it wasn't until the kitchen began to look like a crime scene that I realized I was actually bleeding - ah yes, such genius. It's a tiny cut, but it bled well.

On Saturday, Jen, her friend Valarie and I went to the Scottish festival, but it wasn't as exciting as we'd hoped. There weren't any good games like caber tossing happening, and there weren't nearly enough Scottish men in kilts. We did manage to come away with a ton of imported British food from one of the vendors (Cadbury Roses! Walkers crisps!) and shortbread that was homemade by actual little old Scottish ladies, so it wasn't a complete waste. Then we went to the British pub that Jen has told me a lot about called the Olde Ship. We were nearly run over by a herd of Vespas, but we made it in after all. Who knew Vespa riders had gangs? I had a Newcastle (beer is bad for me, but how could I not try? Okay, yeah - not trying again) and a Yorkshire pudding, which was very nice. There was baseball rather than footie on the TVs, which disappointed the Ranger fans I was with, but I don't like either of those sports so it really mattered not at all to me.

Yesterday we had the hp_orangecounty meetup which was fun, although I learned not to order the French onion soup at Red Robin ever again. At Jen's we ran into technology issues and had cake, and then I introduced her to the insanity that are 30STM videos.

I want to go to Leicestershire - specifically, I want to go on 9 June. Unfort, I've got no way to make that happen. SIGH. LIFE SO HARD. *pouts at life*

Okay, back to trying to find things in boxes. Wooo, exciting...

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