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Angry music GOOD. Mean people BAD.

I'm going to see 30 Seconds to Mars in concert after I get to So Cal next month. estrella_bonita and I have A Plan(TM). Oh yes, we do. *cackles* This hasn't completely cheered me up, but it's something. And between the angry music and the sexy Jared, I am at least a bit distracted.

I got a strawberry cheesecake cappucino this morning from the convenience store. I don't recommend it.

I've got this odd pain in my clavicle area. It's like I bumped the bones somehow... there isn't a mark or a bruise, but it hurts. Maybe one of the kids headbutted me or something. These weird pains that I never had before are disturbing in a "Why is this happening??" sort of way.

My sister just called me from the store and asked if I wanted her to get me anything. I said Cheez-its and ice cream. No, really - she is the one who's pregnant. I'm just weird. :P

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