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Some worlds are held together by steel, some are held together by sellotape

Today has been an exceedingly mixed day.

Got an issue at work that had been driving me NUTS answered. Found out that we will continue to be doing the late shift next year, so that means I will continue to work 10-7 4 out of 5 days, which makes me extremely happy (there was a question of need to be open the extra 2 hours).

Got a lesson in how to write fic from The Great T00blet (who has apparently removed me from her LJ friends. I shall now pout.), which consisted of her nicely telling me to get off my arse and DO IT. I offered to teach her to RP smut in return, but she ran for the hills shrieking and apparently defriended me. *wibbles*

Went to the doctor and she is mostly happy with me, although she wants me to EAT MORE (-.-!) and keep doing the &*(#%! food journal and we are going to play with my meds because she thinks my blood glucose levels have been TOO LOW and she is afraid I will pass out, which I told her I have NEVER done and I haven't had a low episode for months. -.-

Went to get groceries and had my debit card DECLINED. It's so wonderfully embarassing to have that happen. You might as well have them write LOSER on your forehead. I didn't know why it wouldn't go through, so I had them run it as a credit card and it worked. Got home and checked my bank account and found that the car loan payment had been deducted TWICE from my account. -.- Went to my brother and begged for money until I get paid, which he did give me, but it was akin to selling my soul. If I don't post for a few days, call out the calvary - he's sold me for spare parts. -.-

Got good stuff in the mail today - my handicapped parking card, which will make things much easier for me in general, and my card from my Smallville pimp! My CARD KICKS YOUR ARSE AND YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. *<333's card and Erin*

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