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Of endings and spendings.

Yesterday I packed up a lot of the things from my desk and brought them home - photos, knicknacks, all the little things that made the desk mine for the past 4 1/2 years. There are a few other things I'll need to pack next week, but I'm mostly set. I got my new laptop yesterday - I was given the choice of a smaller, narrower one and a wider one, and I chose the wider one because hello, I have big hands. Laptop keyboards are enough of a pain to begin with! It's going to take some time to get used to using a laptop all the time. I may even start using my personal laptop more at home once I've moved. We shall see.

Speaking of moving, I've contacted a couple of apartment-finding services in SoCal and I have a number of apartments to look at now - perhaps too many!! Luckily I've got a bit of time to decide.

Today I spent a small fortune, however. I got my hair done and said goodbye to my colorist and stylist, WAH. My stylist showed me how to do an updo, so I've been walking around with my hair up since then. I think it looks cute, though! Let's hope I can manage it next week. LOL Then I went looking for shoes and in a moment of delusion, I tried on some heels. HAHAHAHAHAHA I nearly fell and killed myself. Some things are just not a good idea, and me being taller is one of those. I actually ended up finding shoes at Target, of all places, and considering I also bought makeup, a hair dryer and a number of other items that were fairly expensive (and not expected as part of my usual weekly shopping), the amount spent there was fairly high, too. Eeeek, I sez. However, we get paid 3 times in one month this coming Friday, so I believe that'll mean no deductions for health care, parking (no more parking deductions EVER, yays!!), and a few other things, so hopefully that means the check will be higher - plus this is the check where my raise kicks in, so... wheee.

Less than one week until the trip to Georgia, yays!!!

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