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Wheee, stuff.

I'm useless with subject lines these days.

I'm also bored. Lalalala. I've finished training the newbies, my business trip for next week is completely booked (fly to Seattle Tuesday morning, return to Chicago Thursday night), already have the order in for my work laptop to be built, and the transition from my current job to the new one has been worked out (it's not really that complicated anyway - I'll be fully in the new position by April 2nd). I imagine that the exact details of what I'll be doing when will be worked out next week at the meeting in Seattle - after that I should know when I'll be moving and all of that, too.

I have cleverly managed to pick a hangnail and it, in turn, became infected. It's been a week and it still hasn't gotten better, so I'm off to the doctor this afternoon. I feel like such a moron. Hi, I was really stressed out last week and I picked at my thumb and now it's all pink and swollen and hurty. Fix! I also seem to be coming down with some sort of a cold or something, and HELLO, THIS is SO not the time for that. I hope it's minor because I HAVE to go on this trip next week.

If I feel up to it tomorrow, I'll look at clothes and then do the grocery shopping, but that's it. Perhaps if I get enough rest, I can fight this off.

I also intend to make a quiche this weekend. If it turns out well, I'll post the recipe. Hee.

ARGH, why is my website down?! *stabs hosting co, reports outage, growls a lot*

EDITED TO ADD: Further proof that Kate Winslet RULES.

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