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Today we hit a high of 9 F/-18 C - which meant it was warm enough to snow. Color me thrilled. -.-

My bed has been delivered! My dad called to tell me - and to bitch at me because I didn't order a frame. Why is a frame so freaking important?! All I know is that it's an extra cost I can't afford right now. I can get a frame eventually - if I ever figure out the reason for the stupid things.

The bed is important because sleeping on the love seat is not very restful, and as such, I'm having odd dreams. Last night I dreamt that the movie for OotP was interactive, and in the dream I got up and basically became a part of the movie! O_O I remember it seeming SO real, like I really was touching Snape/Voldemort's hand (haha, my psyche reveals what I'm expecting out of DH :P), really talking to the trio... and then the theatre usher tried to get me to 'leave' being part of the movie, but I couldn't extract myself... it was like I could no longer tell where the real world and the movie world ended and begun (those of you who know me and movies and why I see so few of them... that probably makes a LOT of sense to you). Eventually I pulled myself out and someone else got to go in, and then I sat in the audience for a while. At some point there was an intermission (long movie I guess?), and the usher dude started flirting with me. Then the alarm went off. Thank you, Brain. o_O

In other news, the 2nd interview for the first of the jobs is on Thursday. I wish they'd post the others...

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