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Okay, so... negative 1 Farenheit, windchill of negative 20 currently (-19 C, -29 windchill). THIS IS TOO COLD. Yesterday it was so f-ing cold in the apartment that I put on an extra layer of clothing and turned the oven on in an attempt to get the temp INSIDE to be reasonable. This place has radiator heat, and the radiators are cranked to high... but apparently they can't handle it when it's this ridiculously cold. Today I actually had to GO OUT THERE... it's just awful. It's beyond awful. I hate it soooooooo much. Why am I not in California already? -.-

I bought a bed today. I didn't want to do it, but the second air mattress died a sudden, unexpected and inexplicable death, so I said to hell with it. I got a really good Simmons Beautyrest - it should've been about $1100, but with all the discounts (plus an extra 10% off because the store's heater was broken and it was FREEZING in there), I got it for $575. So it was a good deal, but I really didn't want to have to buy it NOW, while I was still here, because not only was it something I had to stick on the credit card, I'll have to ship it whenever I move. But there was just no more avoiding it, and there's no denying I would need to buy one at some point, so... *shrugs* It'll be delivered on Tuesday.

Yay, men screaming behind me. -.- *looks at clock* How many more hours of this?

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