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Wheee. Life.

So, we have the date for the last book. Like most people, I'm somewhat excited but also sad. There have been plenty of other series of books that I've loved that have ended, and it's always a bit melancholy. The hard part at this point is that I have NO idea where to reserve a book. -.-

So apparently there's this big important football game happening on Sunday, and I'm supposed to care because one of the teams is from where I live. Uh, NO. I cannot possibly express how happy I will be once the Super Bowl is OVER, and I won't have to listen to my brother and father yelling and screaming at the TV multiple times per week. I truly don't care if the Bears win or lose. On Sunday I'm going to get my nails done and then going shopping - my jeans are too big again. That'll only take so long, so I think I may take the laptop and go to Panera or Starbucks for a while, too. Anything to stay away from the torture as long as possible.

I had my chat with the other hiring manager on Tuesday - it was just an 'informational interview,' but she definitely encouraged me to apply once the positions are posted. I wish they'd post them already!!

We got a revised 'Code of Business Conduct and Ethics' from the Big Company this week that we had to agree to. One of the updates was this:

Confidentiality/Blogs – We specifically addressed the issue of blogs, a new development since the original Code. We allow personal employee blogs to mention Big Company, but prohibit employees from disclosing any confidential information or material nonpublic information about Big Company or our customers on their blogs.

Ah, color me amused.

Philosophy does it again. This stuff smells soooo good, and the color is just perfect. Heee!

And finally... pretty please to be giving me Valentines?
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