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I'll just be over here, dying.

So I've been feeling really crappy since yesterday (stuffed up, sore throat, coughing, aches, sneezing, so tired) - before that, I was just sneezing my head off for a few weeks and thought maybe I'd developed allergies. Well, I made an appointment with the doctor for this morning, intending to check everything out and then go in to work. HAHAHA. I have strep. -.-

So me and my antibiotics and my soup and my watered-down juice will be busy keeping our germs to ourselves, as the doctor said I can't even think about going back to work until Friday. Joy.

So I saw a resident before I saw the doctor, and he's going through a brief medical history and all that and I don't recall exactly what he said that prompted it, but I responded with, "Well, I have lost half my body weight in the past 18 months." And he stared at me and said, "No shit?! Oh, excuse my language." ROFL (except that would hurt - you get the idea)

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