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Blathering and Whinging

Has anyone ever heard of Walter Sickert? If you have, tell me what you know of him. If you haven't, no worries, and yes, there is a reason I'm asking, but if I told you, that would defeat the point of the question.

I am somewhat distressed that xmas is practically around the corner. I'm sorry, but I think that everyone overseas is getting their stuff late, as I suck a great deal. Certain people's gifts have not arrived here yet, and while I know what I'm getting the rest of you international types, I still need to go and purchase the other things. I might do that today, but damn, I hate having to leave the house. Good lord I'm lazy. -.- I did manage to find my uncle's gift last night, and as he is just about the worst to buy for, I feel somewhat accomplished. But then I remembered that while I know what I'm getting Mom, I have NO idea on Dad, or my brother, or my aunt, or a couple of other friends. My sister sent a list for her and the bro-in-law and niece, and you BET I am not going to be creative this year. She's letting me cheat, so yes, I WILL. You know, it doesn't help that I detest shopping. I really do. I've never liked it. That part got left off my X chromosome or something. -.-

I tried to write on one of the THREE fics I have due this month and got out about 3 sentences. So yes, that's all going very well. -.-

I went to a different grocery store last night, and found that they have an international section!! I was so excited - British and German and Japanese and all sorts of other imported foodstuffs. They had Weetabix. I bought Pocky!! I know what it is now. Good stuff, I have to say.

I would really like to know why it's wrong that I'm picky when it comes to partners. Am I not allowed to be choosy?? I got another email in response to one of my personal ads saying "If you weren't so strict in your requirements, we would be great together." Well, loser, not only are you closer to my father's age than mine, you live nowhere near me, so why the fuck are you writing me this crap?! *deletes email without bothering to respond*

I think I am far too clingy to my friends, and that they do not like me as much as I like them, and they just don't know how to tell me to go get my own damn life and fuck off. So I'm going to try not to message people and to be generally less annoying. Try being the important word there. -.-

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