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Happy Xmas to all!

I made it to Miami - only to find that my own mother couldn't recognize me. Yes, I know that people look different in photos than in real life and she hasn't seen me since March, but honestly!! We were walking towards each other by baggage claim and she looked at me as I was about to say hi and says, "I'm sorry, I guess you're not who I thought you were." I was dumbfounded and went "MOM!!!" She says the shape of my face has really changed. I dunno - I see it every day! Still, I haven't stopped laughing at her yet. :))

You can tell my timezones are completely wacked considering the time I'm posting this - and I have no idea when I'll get woken up tomorrow. Wheeee!!!

Two of the gifts I ordered for people didn't arrive in time. *stabz* Here's hoping I'm forgiven.

Flying first class rulz. Just sayin'.

I weighed myself this morning before I left. I weigh exactly half what I did before the surgery. I can honestly say I'm half the woman I once was.

Okay, I'm finally tired and off to bed. If you celebrate Xmas, enjoy!

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