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Onwards with this Xmas thang.

Today was spent spending money and planning to spend money.

First, I went to the salon and had 1/2 a pedicure (I was running late, yay tummy troubles -.-), so it was just a quick trim and polish change for the toes (Red Dazzle!), and then the full-on chocolate signature manicure with a lovely cappucino that had Bailey's added in to drink. The sugar scrub and lotion both smelled SO good - I think they were supposed to be white chocolate - and then I got Merry Crimson on my nails. I've decked my own halls, hardy har har.

Then I went to the 5th Level of Purgatory, otherwise known as The Mall Right Before Xmas. It was a complete waste of time, too. I drove around and around and around trying to find a parking spot (this is my first year without the handicapped parking card at Xmas, and even though I can certainly walk, I admit I missed the damn thing). Then finally parked and ate half a quesadilla as I was starving by that point. Then I returned something to Torrid and got store credit, wandered around trying to find the last part of my gift for Dad and Bro, got a few truffles at Godiva, attempted to buy my nephew's gift at the Disney store but gave up due to the Line from Hell, and finally gave up and left. Useless and pointless. Luckily I'm not seeing my sister and the kids until after Xmas, so I've got time to finish shopping for all of them - so far I only have my sister's and niece A's gifts.

Next I headed over to Meijers to get some general shopping done and also check for some gifts. I tried to find niece L's gift, but no joy - will have to try Target (with the evil of Walmart held as a last resort). I then got the makings for these cookies, which wordplay mentioned in tarie's post, so thank you to you both! We're having a cookie exchange at our holiday work luncheon Tuesday and I needed a recipe. The dough is now chilling in the fridge, ready to be made tomorrow. I managed to find another part of the gift for Dad and Bro there, so that was lucky. I also got everything else on my list, so yay me.

I've decided what I'm getting everyone else, but everything has to be ordered online to be shipped to Mom's place in Miami - and of course I don't have her address saved on this computer. Le sigh, I'll get it tomorrow. But at least I have a Plan.

Lastly, Expedia is a great site but also rather annoying. Did you know that the stupid thing tracks what you search for and if you don't purchase a trip, they email and remind you? I was looking for flights to LA earlier this week because it looked like Drake was going to play out there, and I wanted to go out and hang with ladyguenivere. But like so much with his schedule right now, that didn't pan out. That's one thing that's less-than-fun, being on this side - we hear about all the 'maybes' and 'possiblys,' and it's hard not to be bummed when things don't work out. So Expedia? No love for you reminding me. :P

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