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29 November 2006 @ 10:51 pm
My crazy day in non-bulleted points!  
- My legs are ugly, take off leggings, put on jeans
- Skidding on rainy roads BAD
- Work crazy
- Coworkers driving me nuts
- Clients going completely and utterly mental
- Rinse and repeat the prior three for hours
- Run out quickly to pick up lunch in the icky rain
- New shoes hurting feet, wah
- Work more crazy, repeat, repeat, repeat
- Supposed to leave work at 7 pm, too busy so leave at 8:15
- Have conference call with prncpnut and president of music publishing company in NYC after paid job is over
- Drive home in rain discussing things further with prncpnut
- OMG STARVING TO DEATH, quickly fix dinner
- Remember things I forgot earlier
- Try to put out fires with gasoline (whoopsie?)
- Talk to a few of you that I haven't in ages ♥
- Shower
- Try to fall asleep, but can already tell that brain is too crazy to do it

One deadline tomorrow. One album release next Tuesday.

I can do it all... can't I?