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I can Officially say that I'm Official!

A little over a week ago, Drake Bell's record label and his management contacted me and asked me if I would take over running his official MySpace. How they knew who I was or how to contact me can be summed up thusly: I have a big mouth. LOL It's a much longer story than that, and perhaps I'll tell it all at some point, but the upshot of it is this: I said yes, then dragged my partner-in-crime ladyguenivere in to help, and within the past week we've whipped that thing into shape. Many many thanks and kudos also go to freckles42 and miss_trombone for their excellent last-minute, we-needed-this-yesterday-but-AMAZING-LIKE-WHOA graphics skills.

So yes, I now spend my lunch hours on conference calls with record execs and Hollywood management, working late into the night on things all manner of both exciting and boring, getting paid nothing to do something crazy. It's madness, but hey - someone's gotta do it. ;)

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